Schneider Electric presents new research and innovations to prepare IT infrastructure for Net Zero Operations

Schneider Electric ™, a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has today published three independent studies to better understand the maturity of sustainability initiatives within IT and data center organizations. More specifically, the study looks at where the IT and data center industry stands in achieving net zero IT operations. The results of the surveys, conducted by leading industry analysts, were discussed during the livecast. “The future is now: Preparing IT infrastructure for Net Zero Operations“, which shows a gap in belief and actual actions.

451 Research, Forrester, and Canalys independently collected data from more than 3,000 global participants, including the largest colocation and cloud providers, IT solution providers, and IT professionals across many segments and organization sizes. Overall, the results consistently show that in the data center and the IT industry, there is a difference between where companies think they are and the implementation of sustainability programs across the entire life cycle of their IT infrastructure. According to the results of 451 Research, in a survey of 1,100 IT professionals, 26% of participants said they have a full-life-cycle sustainability program that includes all infrastructure, but only 14% take action to implement the programs. The analysis also shows that 22% of respondents do not consider sustainability a major issue, although efficiency initiatives may have been taken to improve specific aspects of their business.

At a LinkedIn Live event today at At 3 pm, business leaders will discuss Electricity 4.0 – a fusion of digital and electrical that is considered to define a sustainable future. In this development, the data center and the IT industry have the opportunity and responsibility to combat the climate crisis. Panelists also share insights from the research and the recently announced innovations.

“Data centers play a crucial role in driving Electricity 4.0, which we believe is crucial in tackling climate change. As an industry, we have a responsibility to meet our environmental commitments with the utmost urgency. We have made some progress, but to avoid a major energy challenge, all data centers – including distributed edge data centers – must become more sustainable, efficient, flexible and robust, “says Pankaj Sharma, Executive Vice President, Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric.” The study is clear: The industry knows that sustainability must be a priority. But there are still challenges in acting, and a concerted effort is needed to overcome them. The good news is that technology already exists for this. Now is the time to act. “

In addition to releasing these studies, Schneider Electric has released several new announcements from its global headquarters in Paris, all designed to help data centers and IT professionals achieve their sustainability goals.

Renewed IT partner program to help partners grow their business
Based on the company’s award-winning channel history, Schneider Electric’s updated IT partner program helps partners grow and differentiate their businesses in the long run. The new development of the partner program supports IT channel partners with a simplified program structure and various specializations for key segments, including data centers, IT solutions, software and services. The update includes new sales tools, training and resources and new benefits tailored to the various specialization paths. The program also provides a clear sustainability strategy for partners with the Schneider Electric Green Premium ™ offering, which offers sustainable performance and circularity through design. The program helps partners become strategic advisors and experts in their markets by enabling the development of different business models, simplifying and increasing the transparency of program requirements and benefits, and strengthening the channel-centric approach.

Schneider Electric launches new Easy Modular Data Center all-in-one solution
Schneider Electric also today announces the launch of its new Easy Modular Data Center All-in-One solution for customers in Europe. Easy Modular ‘All-in-One’ data centers are available in 4 standardized basic designs with additional configurable options. The all-in-one solution combines power, cooling and IT equipment into a single, preconfigured solution that delivers great value for companies looking to implement edge computing into their strategy.

The Easy Modular Data Center All-in-One series is an extension of Schneider Electric’s prefabricated, modular data center offering and builds on the successes of Easy’s physical infrastructure products, including Easy Rack, Easy PDU and Easy UPS offerings. With the Easy Modular Data Center All-in-One, Schneider Electric simplifies the design and commissioning process. No prior engineering work is required, which helps meet demanding schedules. It is possible to deliver a standardized, high-quality solution to customers in as little as 12 weeks.

EcoStruxure IT focuses on monitoring and managing hybrid IT infrastructure.
In addition, the company announced the expansion of its award-winning EcoStruxure IT DCIM software. With this update, data center infrastructure management software evolves from individual data centers into a complete, hybrid IT environment and meets industry requirements for a more robust, secure and sustainable IT infrastructure. EcoStruxure IT has a team of skilled engineers who deliver customized solutions and perform customer integrations around the world.

Industry professionals can try the software and security assessment for free for 30 days by setting up an EcoStruxure IT account.

Visit for availability of individual offers or to create an account.

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