Techniques attached to arrive at a universally applicable semi-enclosed greenhouse concept

A few years ago, Van der Ende introduced Groep Airmix for greenhouse horticulture, a new patented product that can be used to create an optimal greenhouse climate. With Airmix, the greenhouse can be ventilated and dehumidified in a controlled manner. This innovation has not gone unnoticed. The Airmix has now been installed by various growers – both in the Netherlands and abroad. The concept has also been adopted by Dalsem – Greenhouse Horticulture Projects. For Dalsem X-AIR, the design of Airmix has been cleverly improved. It demonstrates both companies at GreenTech.

Dalsem X-AIR semi-enclosed greenhouse concept
By connecting an air intake duct to the glass roof panel, the greenhouse can be ventilated with the required amount of outdoor air or air over the screens. According to the greenhouse builder, the X-AIR fan (for which Dalsem has applied for a patent) is ‘an indispensable part’ of the Dalsem X-AIR solution for semi-closed greenhouses.

X-AIR can be extended modularly with coolers, CO2 supply and / or humidifiers. Raw materials are not wasted: Water is recycled and energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The semi-closed greenhouse concept in Dalsem X-AIR is a mixture of knowledge, technology and data management for the semi-closed greenhouse from generation X.

Improved design of Dalsem
A duct fully integrated in the greenhouse roof with a mechanical folding system enables switching between ventilation with outdoor air and air over the screens. This X-AIR allows the use of a single or dual display system with no opening and closing restrictions. By mixing the right amount of outdoor air or air over the screens with the air in the greenhouse, Dalsem X-AIR creates a homogeneous climate that stimulates maximum growth based on Plant Empowerment Principles.

The Airmix X-AIR solution for semi-enclosed greenhouses from Van der Ende Groep
Dalsem X-AIR can be used in all new Dalsem greenhouses. This has led Van der Ende Groep to take over the legendary relay and further develop X-AIR into a universally applicable solution. This means that the Airmix X-AIR can be integrated in all Venlo greenhouses, from any manufacturer. Van der Ende Groep also offers a decentralized physical controller with which each Airmix X-AIR can be controlled independently. This has the advantage that the Airmix X-AIR concept can be installed in both new and existing greenhouses, and that traditional greenhouses can be converted into a semi-enclosed greenhouse.

Micha van Nieuwkerk (CCO van der Ende Groep): “The Airmix concept has been further developed by Dalsem for the X-AIR semi-closed greenhouse concept. X-AIR is an innovative solution that uses the basic technology of Airmix to realize the principle of a semi-enclosed greenhouse. The X-AIR functionality ensures that outdoor air can also be admitted. Combined with a data-driven growth strategy, this adds a new dimension to cultivation in a modern, semi-enclosed greenhouse. ”

According to CCO, innovation is ‘an essential part of an energy-efficient climate control system’. “This makes (Airmix) X-AIR a unique solution, developed jointly by two innovative companies that follow different paths from the same basic concept. Together we can now offer an economical solution where the principle of the semi-enclosed greenhouse is accessible to all existing and new greenhouse projects that can be built in a sustainable way. “

Van der Ende Groep can be found at GreenTech Amsterdam at stand 01.152 and Dalsem 01.110. The fair will be held on 14, 15 and 16 June.

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