New neighborhood “De Bakkerij” in IJsselmuiden will be a neighborhood with 303 homes with a village character with space for greenery and water

A new residential area will soon emerge on the site, where the smell of bread and cakes from Bakkerij Fuite has been the rule for many years.

On 25 January, the municipal council approved the city design with an associated program for the new residential area De Bakkerij, which is to be built. With 303 homes, this design meets a large housing need and helps to accelerate housing construction in Kampen municipality.

In 2021, the town planning principles and the preliminary design of the future residential area De Bakkerij will be discussed in the city council. Comments and points of attention were also collected through table conversations about the pre-planning with the nearest residents, the supermarket, the dog club, the tennis association and the high school. These were then involved in the development of urban design.

Housing offer
Based on its housing vision, the municipality uses the division 30% – 40% – 30% as a guideline. This is the relationship between the categories ‘cheap, medium and expensive’. The urban concept, which has been adopted by the municipal council, largely complies with this guideline with 35.6%, 36.0% and 28.4%. “This deviation is acceptable and even desirable, because in the current housing market, it is precisely the target groups for homes in the categories ‘cheap’ and ‘medium price’ that have difficulty finding a home. This is also the case within Kampen municipality, «says project councilor Albert Holtland. “I welcome the design as it is now. It provides a diversity of homes, such as apartments, semi-detached houses and detached houses. This creates a wide range for different target groups such as starters, seniors and families. In IJsselmuiden, there is also a continuing demand for self-construction of a home. De Bakkerij also makes room for that. There will be 24 detached houses, which will be sold by the project developers as self-build plots. ”

Interior plan area
Ringdijk runs straight through the planning area De Bakkerij. The houses are all built on the west side of Ringdijk. This takes into account variation in neighborhoods, sufficient space for green and large and smaller green play areas. Part of the land on the western side of the Ringdijk is owned by the Drents Overijsselse Delta Water Board (WDOD). This part will be arranged as a so-called water collection area: Rainwater from the greenhouse horticultural area is collected and retained here. The east side of Ringdijk will not be built on. This serves as a recreational area for the new residential area to be constructed. “Here is the opportunity for different exercise options. Think, for example, of meeting places, informal play, walks, an exercise track or dog leash area, but also, for example, urban agriculture, ”says Holtland.

Sustainable and active residential area
De Bakkerij will be a sustainable neighborhood. Electric heating is the starting point for heating the new residential area. The city design also strives for an optimal number of solar panels on roofs. The design also contains a relatively large amount of ‘blue’ and ‘green’. This helps prevent and reduce drought and heat stress. The design contributes to the stimulation of cycling and walking, the so-called active mobility. With four access roads for slow traffic, the district is well equipped with routes to the center of IJsselmuiden and Kampen. In addition, two footbridges will be placed towards the recreation area. The car traffic is accessible on the north side via Grafhorsterweg and thus contributes at least to extra traffic movements in the village IJsselmuiden, the traffic survey shows.

The bakery
Since October 2021, De Bakkerij has been the new name for the planning area, which was popularly called ‘Fuite’. The project developers BPD and Bemog will realize the new residential area De Bakkerij in IJsselmuiden in collaboration with Kampen municipality. De Bakkerij will be a neighborhood with 303 homes with a village feel with space for greenery and water.

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