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The editorial staff of Packaging Management scans foreign packaging sites weekly for news and developments. This week we have noticed the following messages from PackagingNews, Packnews, PackagingWorld, Packaging Insights and Canadian Packaging.

‘Boxing art’ and resounding success

A colorful painting by Finnish artist Eva Wahlström, who is also a six-time world champion in boxing, has inspired the non-alcoholic Ruusunen sparkling drink from Lasso Drinks. The packaging is developed by Metsä Board.
The non-alcoholic drink ‘R – Ruusunen’ is produced by the company Lasso Drinks and the graphic design on both the glass bottle and the packaging is based on a painting by Eva Wahlström.
‘The drink gets its taste from the rose petals, which are striking on the bottle and on the packaging,’ says Kimmo Koivikko from Lasso Drinks. ‘In addition, the colorful painting by the professional boxer Eva Wahlström was the inspiration for the packaging design for this sparkling drink.’
The cardboard capsule, which surrounds and protects the bottle, was developed by the design team at the packaging supplier Metsä Board. The graphic design of this capsule is also based on Wahlström’s painting.

Source: PackNews

A colorful painting by the professional boxer Eva Wahlström, similar to the painting that inspired the packaging design for the sparkling drink. (Private photo)

Packaging as a whiskey mixer

Knockout has designed a limited edition for Monkey Shoulder, the premium blended Scottish malt whiskey made for blending. The lid on this innovative packaging also acts as a cocktail sieve, a bar aid that allows consumers to mix at home and enjoy the Monkey Shoulder blends.
Knockout’s smartly designed cocktails are both functional and elegant with a touch of Monkey Shoulder playfulness. Made of stainless steel, the durable tool has a rose gold finish and includes the brand’s iconic three monkey emblem.
“The outer wrapping of the limited edition package shows Monkey Shoulder’s unstoppable personality,” said Dominic Burke, founder of Knockout. “It has a liveliness that matches the brand’s iconic pattern and is complemented by a fun mix of style.”
‘This task gave us a fantastic opportunity to create an innovative design. The result is a practical barkit that will continue to encourage and inspire people to make and enjoy cocktails at home. “
Source: PackagingNews

The lid on the Monkey Shoulder packaging also acts as a cocktail strainer, a bar aid that allows consumers to mix at home and enjoy the Monkey Shoulder blends.

Refillable lipstick

The Iconic Woodacity lipstick brings together Quadpack’s wood expertise and Aptar lipstick technology.
The lipstick is designed for minimal effect and maximum consumer engagement. The mechanism is housed in a single material housing, specially designed and manufactured by Quadpack, made from 100% certified ash wood from sustainably managed forests. The patented ‘Solo Twist’ system has an oval interior that ensures that the hood automatically locks at a quarter turn. The turning movement differs from standard snap closures, making it fresh and fun.
The lipstick is easy to refill: Consumers simply pull out the used mechanism and click on the new one. They can also retain different colors and insert the ones they want to use today, further reducing the impact of the packaging.
Source: Canadian Packaging

The Iconic Woodacity lipstick brings together Quadpack’s wood expertise and Aptar lipstick technology.

Compostable cutlery

EcoTensil and Trendy Top have developed a lid with a compostable spoon that complies with the Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD).
The robust EcoTensil paper spoon is made of PEFC-certified cardboard and bears the Flusix plastic-free quality label – verified by the Din Certco Institute in Germany.
The compostable cardboard box fits into a space in Trendy Top’s cup lid and provides a turnkey solution for food producers targeting the popular single-serving-on-the-go market. The spoon is hygienically sealed with a removable label.
Source: Packaging Insights

Sustainable snacking from cans

Canadian startup SnackPow discovered that an aluminum can is the best way to market its tasty snacks. The supplier Solucan prints the cans digitally, which eliminates the need for a paper label or shrink wrap.
The packaging meets two important requirements today: differentiation and durability. SnackPow’s sales director Robin Charest is so excited that 13 types of snacks have been brought to market right away.
“We would offer a grab-and-go format that the customer can easily place in the cup holder on a car, bicycle, backpack or whatever. And we also wanted away from plastic wrap and towards circular packaging. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, especially if it does not have a paper or shrink label on it. When we heard that Solucan could supply cans in any quantity, it certainly caught our attention. Their digital print also gives us incredible flexibility in terms of customization. All we have to do is send them a PDF and the number of cans we want. ‘
Source: PackagingWorld

SnackPows grab-and-go format.

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