Minister Van der wal against farmers after nitrogen protest in front of the door: my children are shaking inside | Nitrogen emission approach

with videoAngry farmers protested against the government’s nitrogen policy tonight. Dozens went with tractors to the Minister of Nature and Nitrogen Christianne van der Wal’s home in Hierden, near Harderwijk. MPs find the protest unacceptable.

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The Minister of Nature and Nitrogen went into talks with the activists, De Stentor informs. Farmers are furious at Van der Wal’s plans to significantly reduce nitrogen emissions by buying out farmers and getting farmers to reduce their livestock. There are five police cars at Van der Wal’s home. † Police say the area is quiet. “We are not doing anything. We are keeping an eye on whether criminal things are going on,” a spokesman said.

Just before 10 pm, it was relatively quiet at the minister’s home. At that time there were about twelve tractors, and a number of peasants carried banners. One with the text ‘If we go, we all go’. Five police cars are also on the scene.

Action group Full Gas! claims to be behind the case. A statement circulating said: ‘We were told that Mrs Van der Wal quickly escaped. So just wait until she comes back. One who picks up the ax to chase the peasants over the cliff is not really worth the wait. But if she collects a letter with measures that are the death knell for an entire sector, then we would like to spend some time on that. She does not belong in that place. And she wants to know that too. It is therefore part of Vol Gas! along with a few other groups driving to her house. ‘

According to the action group, the Minister received a letter on behalf of ‘all farmers in the Netherlands’, in which she was given an immediate dismissal in view of the situation that arose. The farmers say they do not feel wanted and give up their confidence in the minister.

Van der Wal thought it was enough afterwards. “I’m going in now,” she said. ,, I’ve had a good conversation, heard you, received this, but now I’m going inside. My kids are sitting there shaking and now that’s enough. I think it’s getting threatening now, “she said barefoot.

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Farmers’ farewell letter to the Minister. © DG


The farmers’ association LTO refuses to demonstrate to farmers who come to the minister’s house. “I understand the anger, but they should not do it”, says chairman Sjaak van der Tak. “Farmers should not take any action in their personal privacy,” Van der Tak says. “This is not worthy and not appropriate.”

The minister was at home with his family when the group of farmers arrived. Her husband says he is “very shocked and that he does not bother to answer for a while”. Van der Wal sent the nitrogen targets to the House of Representatives last Friday. These are especially drastic for farmers. According to these targets, emissions in North Brabant, Gelderse Vallei and Limburg must be reduced by more than half. In protected nature areas, emissions must even be reduced by at least 95 percent, and in the ring around these areas by 70 percent.

MEPs believe the protest is not possible. “It is completely unacceptable for people to visit politicians at home. Anger is no excuse. To threaten whoever it happens to, undermine democracy ‘, said party leader Esther Ouwehand from the Party for the Animals. GrønLink’s party leader Jesse Klaver also calls the action unacceptable. “This is harassment. Leave the politicians at home. You are debating on the basis of arguments, not in this way. I understand that the nitrogen decision has enormous consequences for many farmers, but this goes too far,” he wrote on Twitter.

‘Start the conversation, go to Malieveld or demonstrate wherever you want. But leave our minister and her family alone at home! ‘ D66 party chairman Jan Paternotte tweeted. Caroline van der Plas from BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​also rejects the protest against Van der Wal. ‘Stop it. You do NOT visit people at home. No matter how angry you are, “she tweeted. According to her, the majority of farmers do not support this type of action either.

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The Minister in conversation with the peasants in her home in Hierden.
The Minister in conversation with the peasants in her home in Hierden. © Hanno Breunesse / GinoPress

Minister of Agriculture

A group of about five farmers protested on Friday night during a working visit by Minister Henk Staghouwer (Agriculture) to a farm in Snelrewaard (Utrecht), his spokesman reported. When the protesting peasants arrived, the minister had just left. The demonstration took place around 7pm. At that time, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture were still in the company. The protesting peasants tried to cordon off the place. After a meeting, officials were allowed to leave.

An action group of members of the Farmers Defense Force also visited D66 party chairman Rob Jetten on 27 October 2020. He was then given a ‘healthy lunch’ to wish him a speedy recovery. The jet was surprised by the visit, and notified the group after this unwanted home visit.

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The peasants have gathered in front of the minister's home.
The peasants have gathered in front of the minister’s home. © Hanno Breunesse / GinoPress

Protest from the peasants at Bathmen tonight.
Protest from the peasants at Bathmen tonight. © Hanno Breunesse / GinoPress

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