New function in the data platform: autumn forecast

The recent period has been a creative and intensive journey with design and development for the Pylot team. Together with their knowledge partners, they are proud of the result and the new function of the data platform and the benefits this will provide the horticultural sector. This new functionality helps growers and production managers to prepare a harvest forecast. As they themselves say: “It is time to increase harvesting accuracy and further optimize this process.”

In Pylot’s ambition to become the data platform for high-tech horticulture, the product team is constantly developing new and smart functionalities that support growers and managers in their daily work, explains Marc Rooijmakers. “Always with a high performance and usability of the Pylot platform in mind. Maximizing operating profit and minimizing risks through greater efficiency and focus on process optimization, that’s what we focus on.”

Development process
Dozens of growers, sales teams and managers were interviewed for their new functionality. Surveys were sent and results collected. The results were then analyzed using the “Jobs to be Done” method. Then it was time to design and develop a prototype that provides much of the complete solution to those responsible for preparing the harvest forecast and the collaborating departments.

“It goes without saying that the accuracy of a harvest forecast is in high demand in the sales and operations departments. However, the PYLOT product team went deeper into the process and learned that accuracy is only part of the overall optima forma, “says Marc.” While listening to horticultural specialists, we got a lot of ideas and requests to make the harvest forecasting process better. And when we say “process”, we mean the whole process from start to finish. Based on the first positive feedback, we are convinced of a great enrichment of our data platform. “

The initial design and development was followed by an interesting test period with members of their expert panel and Pylot users. “Operational data was used, which resulted in reliable results. With the positive feedback and reliable results, Pylot is confident of the release of yet another amazing new functionality in the data platform.” The new “harvest forecast” functionality is included in the Pylot Professional product.

Autumn forecast
What does this new functionality mean? The harvest forecast function provides the grower with all relevant data, calculations and tools for making and communicating a reliable and accurate harvest forecast.

PYLOT presents the data and calculations using their Data Assistant. The data assistant presents crucial data in various widgets and gives the grower the exact information he / she needs to analyze and make a harvest forecast.

The data assistant visualizes information in clear graphs. Data on the realized harvest, the previous harvest forecast and the calculated harvest forecast are presented. The calculated harvest forecast is based on several parameters. “In this smart calculation, different data sources are taken into account, such as historical harvest results, plant age, fruit class, the historical, available and necessary light,” states Marc. “The 24-hour greenhouse temperature, fruit weight and plant density are also represented in the widget. So all relevant data is available in one place. Everything is clear and transparent.”

Accurate meteodata
To make a reliable harvest forecast, accurate weather and climate forecast data is a must, Marc emphasizes. “Pylot has performed an in-depth analysis of this topic in order to select the most accurate integration part. As a result, they have selected the MeteoMatics platform and integrated it into the Data Assistant. Local information is displayed in real time about outdoor temperature, precipitation and solar radiation. Based on Pylot, calculate the required artificial light hours per day based on this data. “

Communication between teams
As mentioned, Pylot promises to have recorded the entire process, which also includes another important aspect of this new functionality. For how is the autumn forecast shared or communicated between growers, sales teams and managers? A topic that is often underexposed, notes the team at Pylot. “We have found a solution and they are happy to tell you more about it.”

The new Pylot feature gathers all relevant information in one place. Not only from a weather data point of view, but it also provides a dashboard with information on the various crops and greenhouses. It provides insight and a complete overview.

An important step towards a perfect harvest prediction process
The PYLOT team is confident that the new Harvest Forecast feature, in addition to the other functionalities, will take organizations to the next level. Create more efficiency and process optimization to increase the productivity and profitability of organizations. The other positive effect they anticipate is the communication improvement between the various departments and the company as a whole. “Say goodbye to the friction between sales and operations and say hello to healthy, constructive cooperation between the departments,” concludes Marc.

Pylot can be found at GreenTech Amsterdam from 14 to 16 June at stand number 05.145.

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