Stilride folds metal for a durable electric scooter

About Stilride

  • Founders: Jonas Nyvang and Tue Beijer
  • Founded in: 2020
  • Employees: 12
  • Money raised: –
  • Ultimate goal: To be groundbreaking for a greener future through their technology and products and to have a sustainable business that gets things people love.

The electric scooter from the Swedish start-up Stilride is really something else. He is durable. The design is a mix of retro and futuristic shapes. And it was built using the Japanese paper folding technique, origami. But made of steel. Jonas Nyvang is co-founder and CEO of Stilride. In this episode of today’s startup, he tells us more about the sustainable scooter.

How did you get the idea?

“It is a collaboration between me and Tue, my co-founder. But originally, the idea of ​​folding steel came from him when he was tinkering with paper. He began constructing several projects by folding material. He came to the conclusion that folding metal creates a very strong structure.

Previously, we investigated how to fold steel into complex shapes. This is how we developed the first alpha software. This enabled us to move from 2D to 3D and from 3D to 2D in an efficient way and create interesting and strong constructions.

Folding is nothing new, because when you look at a flower, it unfolds naturally. I mean, nature has always made this folding process. We let it dance metal instead of forcing it into a shape. It’s an approach that is not yet widespread in the industry. “

How did the design of the scooter come about?

“The design is actually a creation of Tue. He designed his first electric scooter in 1993 when he was 19. That was almost 30 years ago. When you see that scooter, it looks similar to the current design, but much more retro. I usually tell that I helped him realize his dream. For it has been in his head for 30 years. “

Meaning stilride

“It’s a play on words. Quiet means style in Swedish, but it also sounds a bit like the word steel. We want to ride our scooter in style. And that is what it stands for. ”

What problems should you overcome?

“I think the biggest problem was getting people to believe in us. It was a big job to get the research project started. We also had some problems during the corona crisis in terms of funding and people who were sick. So we “did not have the prototype ready on time. I think we could only present the first prototype a few months later than planned. But then it all went crazy on the internet.”

“There was media interest from all over the world. It gave us the confidence to ask investors for financing. we were able to build another prototype and that gave us a new round of investment. Now we are getting ready for production and hope to launch the scooter in the autumn. ”

Tue (l) and Jonas. Source: Stilride

What makes your design different from other e-scooters?

“Apart from the fact that the design is really different, it is also very durable. We use fewer raw materials and labor costs are lower. The scooter is designed for people with an eye for style and love of nature. There is no scooter on the market that is similar to ours in design. ”

Where are you in five years?

“I hope and believe that we are still developing and folding things together. That we can deliver our products and services worldwide. That we have many employees who are pioneers in technology, and that together we make the world sustainable. ”

Can you do other projects with folding metal?

“We have just made a case study about the construction of the so-called Golden Bridge in Stockholm. It was produced in China and shipped to Stockholm in one piece. We compared it to what it would have cost and what the climate impact would have been if we had produced it with our technology on site with a Swedish team. The conclusion was that there would have been much less impact on the climate. ”

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