Update | Steiner speaks strongly of ‘fake news’ about the relationship with Schumacher in Azerbaijan

The pressure on Mick Schumacher is rising. At the Monaco Grand Prix, the 23-year-old Haas driver wrote off another Haas car. Sebastian Vettel, a friend of Schumacher, said after the Monaco Grand Prix that he has no doubt that Mick has more to offer than he shows and that he should just be left alone. Team manager Günter Steiner also talked about his driver and states that something needs to change.

in the second Formula 1 year in the American Haas racing team, fans and experts expect a significant improvement from the young German, but in seven races in 2022, Schumacher was unable to score points once. His experienced teammate Kevin Magnussen has already scored 15 points.

Günther Steiner said before the first training session in Monaco Speed ​​Week: ‘A driver does not think about the budget behind the wheel, he thinks about his career. Every driver wants to get as close to the border as possible, but you will not discover that you have crossed a border until it is too late. You can not ask a driver to slow down. “

However, the Italian is of the opinion that something else must be done, because that is how it can no longer continue. It’s just not nice for a team where every dollar counts. “We saw what happened to Schumacher. It’s not very satisfying to have another major accident. We have to see how we get on from here.”

Speed ​​is good at Schumacher

Christian Danner, former Formula One driver, says: “Schumacher’s speed is pretty good now, but accidents can not continue like this. It’s millions of injuries. A team like Haas could use the money more sensibly. Schumacher is trying to get more out of it, ‘what is possible. This often leads to an accident or insecurity. He should be more relaxed.’

Schumacher continues to cost Haas money

After the crash in Saudi Arabia, Steiner had estimated that the damage would cost between $ 500,000 and $ 1 million. The accident in Monaco costs a similar amount as previously stated at chunk pilots† Due to the budget ceiling in Formula 1, the accidents of the Haas driver weigh heavily and the list goes on.

Monaco 2021: Accident in second free practice. Second accident in third free training, costs participation in the qualification. France 2021: Crash in Q1. Hungary 2021: Accident in third free practice, so no participation in last practice. Saudi Arabia 2021: Accident in the race. Saudi Arabia 2022: Crash in qualifying, no race participation. Miami 2022: Collision with Vettel, the chance for World Cup points away. Monaco 2022: Accident in the race, car torn in two.

Ralf Schumacher, the German’s uncle, commented: ‘The mistake in the race was his fault. Mick got into the wet part and it’s a mistake you can not make. That mistake is mercilessly punished, as you have seen. Not only is the whole race broken, a badly damaged car also has budgetary consequences for the team. ‘

Fast enough for the top 10

Haas team manager Steiner knows: “We have a car that is fast enough to finish in the top ten. It is a realistic goal for the first half of the season. Then we have to see if there are teams that make great progress through extensive “But I am convinced that we can stay in shape. We just have to try to score points often with both cars.”

Update 12.10 (12/06) | Steiner speaks strongly of ‘fake news’ about the relationship with Schumacher in Azerbaijan

Is there noise inside Haas? In recent weeks, there have been more and more reports of Günther Steiner and driver Mick Schumacher. The team leader would have warned his driver about his vintage, which is prone to collisions, and would have stressed that things need to get better. The team leader has gone into the stories at Sky Germany.

Steiner accused the media of fabricating false stories about the relationship between himself and his driver. He took a very defensive stance in this, to the point where it was uncomfortable to watch. “We do not doubt Mick, but we need success. We have to score points.”

»Our camp is divided from the outside (by the media, ed.). We want Mick to be successful, and how we make that happen is up to us. We do not need advice on that. But that division in our team is not good for Mick either. I need Mick, and he needs us. There is pressure from outside and all our words are distorted. ‘

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