GLASS DAY successful and worth repeating • Glass in the picture

‘It was great to gain knowledge in a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you.’ (Arjen Bleeker, director Glass Van Veen). ‘It was a pleasure to be able to share some of my experience and knowledge.’ (Wout Hoogendoorn, Director Si-X). ‘Successful event in the beautiful AFAS Theater.’ (Roy van Leeuwen, director of the Glass Science Center). “Have a good day yesterday, do more.” (Michel Verwaal, Commercial Director Kingspan Light + Air NL). ‘Great organized day; we have gained a lot of knowledge again. ‘ (Johan Kloetstra, Senior project manager at Schilders de Vries). ‘Al ros. Interesting speakers and good care in an incredibly beautiful “glass building”. In short: a fun day with lots of glasnostalgia! ‘ (Erwin Rupert, Commercial Manager at Cura Glass Techniek).

Nothing but positive reactions to LinkedIn and the app in response to GLASS DAY 2022, June 9 at the AFAS Experience Center. With eight speakers, more than a hundred participants, a combination with the GLAS department’s GLASS and the opportunity to take a brief look at the glass dome, it promised to be a beautiful afternoon. And that was that.

Sponsors happy for GLASS DAY

The program was solid in organization and content, there was plenty of opportunity for networking and the sponsors AGC Nederland, Thomsa Glass, MaintenanceNL Glass and Ayrox also got plenty of opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight. Mark Tiebot, BDM at Ayrox: ‘Useful initiative from the print and digital channel Glas in Beeld, professionally monitored and moderated in terms of content.’ Freelance editor-in-chief at Glas i Beeld Marco Groothoff spoke the program together. Below is a brief impression of the presenters’ contributions with a link to a longer summary and video on our page.

Glass in the virtual world

Architect Gerard Loozekoot, partner at UN Studio, opened GLASS DAY after lunch with his presentation ‘Glass is the innovative building material of the future’. He looked back at the history of glass and discussed the need to make glass facades more sustainable. Loozekoot also discussed the constructive possibilities of the material. Finally, he tackled how to play with glass and (social) media in a virtual world.

Custom dynamic glass

Unfortunately, one of the speakers, José Zaman from Thomas Glass, had to drop out because of Corona. Fortunately, his contribution was along with Sanmukh Bawa’s contribution, and this foreman for The Glass Company from London was able to deliver the entire presentation. ‘Sustainable life has become a worldwide movement that can not be stopped. This is necessary to reduce destructive CO2 emissions. The built environment has an average share of almost 39 percent of total emissions. ‘Building differently’ has therefore become a global priority. This means that the classic façade, with windows that cannot adapt, will disappear ‘, Bawa said during his presentation’ Dynamic special glass is the future ‘.

The time is ripe for BIPV glass facades

It will become more and more common in the near future to generate solar energy from the facade. But the integration of solar panels in facade elements and windows is a lot more difficult than installing solar panels on the roof. And that’s why this type of Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) is initially a lot more expensive than traditional solar panels. Why all this effort and expense? Roland Valckenborg, project manager Solar Energy TNO, answered this question in his presentation ‘The time is ripe for BIPV glass facades’.

AFAS Experience Center

After the break, there was the opportunity to take a brief look at the glass dome. Afterwards, AFAS founder and board member Ton van der Veldt explained how he made his dream of the AFAS Experience Center a reality. The design is by his brother Steef van der Veldt in collaboration with Just Architects. The whole process from idea to delivery took eleven years. ‘There are so many beautiful things in the complex. The dome is of course amazing when you arrive driving. Also how it was realized, the degree of difficulty of it ‘, says Van der Veldt.

Majestic glass dome

In his presentation, Arjan Klem, senior engineer at Octatube, covered the process from design to the end result of the majestic glass theater dome. With a diameter of 42 meters and a height of more than 24 meters, it covers a hall that can accommodate more than 850 people. Octatube was pleased to take on the technical challenge of developing and building this dome with triangular glass panels fully technically.

Do not screw, but glue

‘Architects ask me to respect their design and make it even better where possible. As a performing market partner, I must take a proactive and solution-oriented stance. Now the glass world is limiting itself by thinking in standard connection methods and solutions. ‘ This is what Wout Hoogendoorn, director of Si-X, said in his presentation ‘Do not screw glass, but glue it’.

Vacuum glass: less is more

“Under the influence of increasingly stringent standards and legislation, we can not avoid using more and more materials in construction. Vacuum glass shows that things can be done differently. ‘ This is what Anton Peters, project manager BeNeLux at AGC Glass Europe, advocated. He was the last speaker during GLASS DAY. Peters explained in his presentation why ‘Less is more and longer’ with vacuum glass.

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