Next phase Energy Park, from development plan to design; walk-in evening on June 27th

Leiden – Curious about the development in the Energy Park? Energy Park (IO) participation platform invites in collaboration with Leiden municipality and Energy Park Development Combination to open evening ‘From development plan to design’. What will be the housing program? What about the zoning plan? How can you contribute ideas in the coming years about what the park will look like, for example? You are most welcome on June 27, 2022!

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The doors to PLNT, Langegracht 70 in Leiden are open between 19.30 and 21.30 for those who want to find out about the Energy Park Participation Platform (IO) and the current situation regarding this area development and redevelopment of the area between Langegracht and Singel. , Energiepark eo On the 27th, representatives of the Participation Platform (io), Leiden Municipality and Energiepark Development Combination will be present to talk more about the coming period. This way you can see what you can talk about in the near future. It is also possible to indicate which topics you find important in the development of the park.

What can you expect?

For each topic, you can see what the current situation is and what the design ideas are: what will be the housing program? What plan is there for homeless shelters (social shelters) in the area? What features will there be, in addition to living, such as the so-called Makers House? What are the ideas about parking? And how should we approach the design of the park together? How can catering, culture and events find a place? Each panel has someone you can talk to.

What’s next?

The process around ‘Extended Area Plan’ and Visual Quality Plan, the steps towards housing, how do we figuratively build this new part of the city center (city making), planning in general and especially how you can participate in discussions about. different topics or get your opinion known. . The Participation Platform (IO) also presents itself and shares the first ideas on how members want to carry out their role. And do you want to become a member of the Platform? Ask for it.

Together we create the neighborhood

The development of the area enters the design phase and the interpretation becomes more concrete. In the – rather abstract – area vision, we stated: what do we want in the area? Work, live, recreation or something else? In the Development Plan ‘Energy Park: together we make the neighborhood’, we have answered questions such as: what will be where and in general what type of housing is to be built and what types of catering and recreation? Leiden City Council approved this plan. Now the focus is on how. So what exactly should it look like? We are happy to discuss our first ideas with you. The motto is and will be ‘Together we create the neighborhood’. See also:

Participation platform in the cast

The establishment of the Energy Park’s Participation Platform is in full swing. This evening is our first open meeting and we hope to welcome you. Last year, Leiden Municipality and the Development Combination established agreements based on the Development Plan for the park and its surroundings. This was done in collaboration with Nieuw Leids Bolwerk. The Council considered participation. The intentions of the time take shape in the establishment process of the Participation Platform. Note: registration is not required. You can enter on June 27 between 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm at PLNT Langegracht Leiden.

More information

The development of the park is in the hands of the partnership between Leiden Municipality, Energy Park Development Combination (OCE) and Participation Platform (IO). Energy Park Development Combination consists of project developers BPD and Steenvlinder. For more information about the redevelopment of Energieparken and its surroundings, please visit You can also sign up for the Leiden Energy Park newsletter here. Or to stay informed about participatory activities.

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