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Going out with a motorhome is a popular way to vacation for many people. This also applies to Peter van Dijk, director of Dijko Ovens BV from Tilburg. He is the proud owner of a luxury motorhome. The only downside: built-in compressors that caused tangible and audible vibrations when stationary. But rubber-metal insulators from the damping specialist ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH offered a solution.

With their elegant interiors, exclusive looks and powerful engines, motorhomes have developed into five-star hotels on wheels. High-pitched air conditioners and other technical systems powered by compressors, such as air suspension or the systems that open and close the doors, do not fit into this.


While driving, the noise is not so annoying, especially because the compressor connected to the engine then delivers the compressed air. If the motorhome is stationary, silence is desired. In Peter van Dijk’s motorhome, two extra compressors provide a comfortable living climate.


However, the attachment of the compressors to the air supply system to the suspension, the doors and the toilets caused problems. The vibrations from the technical installation under the motorhome were transmitted to the body. This led to clearly felt and audible vibrations which disturbed the owner. In addition, the two smaller compressors switched on depending on the air consumption at intervals of 15 to 30 minutes and produced noise, which was especially a nuisance at night.


Free path to vibration isolation

Peter van Dijk did not want to let it go and went for a solution. As a mechanical engineer and expert in automation and electronic control of furnace systems with integrated vacuum cooling and freezing systems, air conditioning technology, pneumatic systems and compressors have no secrets for him. He started looking online for parts to insulate vibrations. He quickly ended up on the ACE Stoßdämpfer website.

In addition to products in damping technology, speed control and safety products, this damping specialist from Langenfeld also offers a wide range of solutions in vibration technology. This market segment is becoming increasingly important for ACE, as vibration isolating mats, vibration dampers and air springs can also be used to reduce noise pollution. The ACE vibration dampers alone now consist of eleven different product lines. These parts are known collectively as rubber-metal insulators, and these parts can be used in a wide variety of applications. They isolate interfering shocks and vibrations from machines and motors in such a way that working conditions are significantly improved. In the field of measurement technology, these components often ensure that actually usable measurement results are obtained. Whether it is leveling or robust machine feet, vibration-isolating connectors or quick-release elements: All vibration dampers from ACE can be used universally and are an ideal solution to many of the well-known vibration problems in industrial applications. That ACE can also give a helping hand to private individuals is evident from the solution to dampen the noise from the motorhome’s compressors, which has been developed using the free ACE calculation tool.


The ACE calculation tool for calculating vibration dampers for decoupling vibrations is available 24 hours a day.


Customization with a few clicks

Taking into account all relevant core data for the respective design, such as weight and bearing points, a calculation tool specially developed by ACE calculates, among other things, the machine’s center of gravity and thus the individual load of the bearing points, whereby eccentric loads can also be entered. The online tool is so intuitive to use that engineers can in many cases calculate the ideal solution themselves with a few steps and 24 hours a day. However, the software not only determines which vibration dampers best match the values ​​entered, but is also directly linked to the webshop.

In this case, the program proposed the so-called Bubble Mounts of the type BM-50641. These parts achieve a degree of insulation of 95.65 percent under the given conditions. Bubble Mounts are designed for efficient insulation of light loads in avionics, on computers or for storage of particularly sensitive medical equipment. The small and compact rubber-metal insulators are intended for use under vertical compressive loads. They are small but have excellent cushioning properties. If desired, these can be further improved by using silicone. At a nominal load of 8 Hz, the natural frequency is so low that harmful vibrations can be effectively eliminated in most cases. Bubble Mount type BM-50641 can handle loads from 1.2 kg to 2.9 kg.


Peter van Dijk on the installation process and the replacement of the parts: “Originally, simple cylindrical rubber components with a diameter and length of 15 mm were placed to disconnect the compressors from the mounting point at the bottom of the technical installation. This was very inefficient and ensured that the vibrations were transmitted. Immediately after replacing the original rings on the first compressor, a difference could be felt. ” To ensure an even load distribution, each of the 7.3 kg compressors is now equipped with ACE’s bubble fittings at all four mounting points. Unwanted vibrations are now a thing of the past.

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