From the library to BOEL: creative tandem VAAF colors the city with high-profile ‘murals’

Their huge paintings now adorn many walls in Groningen. The art duo VAAF, consisting of Lotte Masker and Jonna Lammers, bring colorful creations with a wink to the inhabitants. “It should not be too serious.”

They make the sketches of the ‘murals’ in their studio on Travertijnstraat. The template by Aletta Jacobs can be seen there, among other things. Which recently started shining on the wall of the University Library. This resulted in some publicity for Lotte (28) and Jonna (25). “At one point we decided not to do more interviews. Of course it’s nice, the recognition and interest, but we’re very busy. So instead of talking into the camera, you prefer to get to work,” says Masker from the studio. .

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Played teams

The two have nothing to delay on the number of tasks. Their works can be admired both within and outside the provincial borders. In Groningen, for example, they took the paint rollers to Simplon, BOEL, Usva and Bax Bier Brouwerij.

When the ladies at VAAF, which is Groningen for paint, have a task, they do the preparatory work at their workplace. “We’re almost ready here,” Jonna says. “First the sketches, and also the coloring. So we do not have to think about it again on the spot. Because there we want to save as much time as possible. That way we are less dependent on the weather or other parties. ” The division of labor is ready. “Lotte is more concerned with the details, and I focus more on the thick lines. When I’m ready and she goes to work, I can probably start cleaning up, taking pictures and keeping in touch with the customers. “

Result for ego

There is little discussion about what it should look like, they say. Where in the beginning there were sometimes some differences of opinion, the two now always agree fairly easily. “We do not have an ego that gets in the way. It makes a big difference, ”says Lotte. “We do not think ‘but if we do it differently, my plan will not work’, or ‘my favorite color will not be in the mural now’. It’s good to think: I think it’s better now because it’s my idea “or because it’s really beautiful? We look solely at the result and do not have to profile ourselves. That’s VAAF, that’s what we stand for. Besides, there are still plenty of tasks to express oneself in.”

Meanwhile, Lotte receives a message from a sports association from Groningen. “They think the white spots in the design are too boring, Jonna,” she says. “So I can not handle it well,” Jonna replies. “So tell us exactly what does not fit, how you want it to look. We can not do anything with just ‘boring’.” The duo say that there is never really any criticism of the design they submit, partly because they indicate that they want to feel a great freedom during the manufacturing process.

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Always room for humor

“We want to be close to ourselves. So if a customer thinks something should be green instead of red, or would rather have another animal on the wall, we think ‘keep your fingers out of our design’. Of course, we give everyone the opportunity to say something about it in advance. When we get it done photoshop we involve the environment and send it to you, ”says Lotte.

The ladies also indicate that there should always be room for a blink. “Because we enjoy it a lot, there is always room for humor. It’s important to both of us. It should not be too serious. Besides, it’s a great way to communicate something. What better way to do that than with a mural that everyone can see? ”

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