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By the editors on 14-06-2022

BERKELLAND – Everyone uses kitchen appliances in the kitchen these days, and this can greatly improve the kitchen’s design and functionality. The kitchen is a place where the whole family gathers. Guests are received, homework is sometimes done, people relax and eat. It can sometimes be challenging to decide which appliances to use for your kitchen. This depends in part on your lifestyle and preferences. We therefore give you a number of useful tips for choosing your kitchen equipment. In this way you create a kitchen that you will enjoy for a long time to come!

How do you make the best choices?
This article is written in collaboration with The Kitchenary Lab, together we are happy to share the best tips on how to include perfect family-friendly appliances in your kitchen design and what you should definitely not miss.

How to choose a refrigerator?
This is where you store the food, it is perhaps the most important kitchen machine to make a good choice for. The first step is to think about the situation. How many people do you live in a house? Do you need a large refrigerator? Do you eat a lot of fresh products? How often do you shop? What do you store in the fridge? Do you often save on extras such as desserts? Do you need a freezer? Is a freezer compartment in the refrigerator sufficient, or do you need a separate freezer?

Whatever your needs, it is highly recommended that you consider what you are actually using the refrigerator for. Then it’s easiest to come up with a model that really suits you. Only when you have it in order can you look at things like style, color and any extra features such as fast cooling technology or water dispensers.

How to choose a coffee machine?
There is very little that tastes better than fresh coffee. Imagine a wonderful aroma of fresh coffee that can be smelled in the kitchen every morning. The experience of enjoying freshly brewed coffee is simply delicious and thus you create a kind of cafe in your own home. When deciding to choose a coffee machine, it is important to choose the right one. When choosing, it is important to compare different features, functions and also different brands.

Keep in mind that even within different categories of coffee machines, the features can vary greatly by make and model. Sometimes models that really fit into your kitchen (built-in machines) are the better choice because they save space and provide extra space on the countertop. With a built-in machine, the kitchen not only looks good and delicious, with these machines you can also make coffee of true barista quality. And all at the touch of a button.

How do you choose an oven?
In many kitchens this should not be missing, the oven. This is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. When choosing an oven, consider the requirements of the family. So how much do you have to put in it, what meals do you make from the oven, do you choose the usual oven / hot air / steam (maybe a combination of these features), and what about other things like style and easy installation? Efficiency and functionality are always the most important.

How to choose a range hood?
When you have to make the choice of a range hood, you may be surprised at how much you have to think about this. The type of ventilation is the first thing to look at, do you go for exhaust or recirculation? Exhaust is the most popular choice and works to remove smoke, steam and odors and filter the air before it is discharged outside.

Hoods often also need to be attached to the outer wall in order to place the ventilation mechanisms. If your kitchen design has more flexibility, recirculation hoods can also be installed anywhere in the kitchen and work by cleaning the air before it is redistributed in the room. Recirculation is newer devices that use, for example, filtration technology.

How to choose a wine cooler?
Lovely wine in the kitchen. A must for many people! And it’s not surprising, it’s also just very tasty. In addition, any host or hostess will know that the kitchen is the place to be for dinners, game nights or the great drinks with friends and family. A wine cooler makes it easier to keep these bottles of wine at an optimal temperature, and it also saves you space in the fridge for tasty snacks. In addition, it is also a real showpiece for any kitchen, if you choose a nice and appropriate design!

Whether you are a real wine fan, or just like a good bottle of wine for dinner or evenings with friends and family, a wine cooler is certainly not a luxury. It makes your kitchen much more versatile and spectacular!

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