The Ukrainian Yaromyr (11) has an iron-on-pearl museum in his window: ‘Children love to see it’

Yaromyr (11) from Kiev has lived with his mother and grandmother in Utrecht for three months. He now goes to school here, plays tennis and football, but his biggest hobby is making works of art with string beads. Something he got to know in Holland.

Almost every day, Yaromyr is busy with the little priegel pearls, and a small museum has now been created in the window of the house on Lange Lauwerstraat. Exhibited are recognizable objects from the computer game Minecraft, vehicles, monsters and 3D pigs. “If I have a lot of free time, I can do it all day.”

Yaromyr says that he was not yet familiar with string beads in Ukraine, and that he first came in contact with them here at school in the Netherlands. “I’ve only been working on it for two months. My first model is a little owl that all the students in the class had to make. ” The 11-year-old says that even though he can burn off his energy while playing football and tennis, he really enjoys fiddling with the iron on the pearls. “It’s very reassuring. When I’m busy, I forget what time it is and time flies. I like to be very precise and pay attention to detail. It’s sometimes hard, but it works every time.”

lightning fast

The young Kiev resident is not only driven with the pearls but is also very fast with them. “It depends on the model I make, a small shape takes me about a quarter of an hour. With a fantastic about thirty minutes. ” He also forged the cat Mook. It’s the pet in his temporary residence. Mook can also be seen in the window. To create the cat, he used two bottom plates (the plastic plate on which you place the iron beads) at the same time, and it took him about half an hour to do this. “I only need twenty minutes for the 3D models.”

Despite being so quick, his mom and grandma sometimes help make a new design. “When my mother has time, she helps me choose a certain color. For example, if I only need red pearls, she picks them up, ”he says, pointing to the large plastic barrel filled with many different colored iron-on pearls. Grandma is also sometimes involved in the process. “Grandma primarily helps clean up,” he says with a laugh. To complete the design of iron on beads, the use of an iron is necessary, but he also performs this task himself with ease. “I do it myself because I know how to do it. I’ve never burned my fingers either. ”

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Luminous bat

Yaromyr talks about the different colors he has and then points to a very special one, namely the glow in the dark iron on pearls. “I made several bats out of this. Then I hold them up to the lamp and they give light.” It is clear that the Ukrainian is very creative, but he is certainly also innovative. “One day the light on the toilet did not work and then I could see something through the glowing bats.”


“I am most proud of the greatest model I have ever made. It’s a rabbit with a boat in hand. “Yaromyr only worked on this for thirty minutes.” It was a lot of work, “he sighs. At the moment, all the designs are hanging or standing around the window sill, but the window is already starting to get quite full there. “If there’s no more room, I’ll hang them by the front door or even higher in the window.” Yaromyr has not yet figured out a name for the museum, but he will think about it. “Maybe something like that. Iron On Beads Museum† Despite the still unnamed museum window, children often come to see everything carefully. “Sometimes they stay for minutes,” he says happily.

Would you also like to admire Yaromyr’s threaded pearl museum? You can find it in the Lange Lauwerstraat, close to the Watertoren Lauwerhof.

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