This is the very first Bugatti Centodieci for a customer

The very, very first Bugatti Centodieci has left the Bugatti Atelier in Molsheim, France. The car was presented to the lucky buyer in the company of EB110. Not surprisingly, the EB110 was present at the ceremony. With Centodieci, the legendary brand pays tribute to its now 30-year-old predecessor.

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It was on the occasion of 110e years after the founding of Bugatti as a carmaker, the current management and design department presented two limited editions based on the Chiron architecture. Already in 2019, Bugatti showed La Voiture Noire and Centodieci. The latter comes in a run of ten copies, while the second model is a real disposable model. La Voiture Noire has been in the collection of a Swiss Bugatti collector for some time now. By the way, Best Man was the first and only customer to be offered the sports coupe with retro elements. He immediately said yes, despite the price tag of 11 million euros, excluding taxes.

Bugatti Centodiecia

design elements

Bugatti is now starting to supply Centodieci. The first of the eight million euros (excluding taxes) costing the sports coupe is on its way. Centodieci painted in ‘EB110 Blue’ is an ode to EB110. The design department led by Achim Anscheidt did not specifically choose one version of the now extremely expensive EB110. The men’s and women’s took elements from both the GT and Super Sport versions.

Characteristic of the design is the small horseshoe-shaped grille with ventilation openings on both sides, the horizontally placed light units. The black lacquered A-pillar and wheel design have also been taken over by Centodieci from EB110. The panel behind the door specifically refers to the Super Sport. The round holes are a trademark of the fastest EB110 trim. At the rear, the rear window flirts with the past. The oval taillight units and grille on the back have been reinterpreted for Centodieci, but connoisseurs immediately make the direct link.

In line with EB110

This also applies to the interior design of the interior with the specific upholstery motif. For the first Centodieci, the buyer was inspired by the EB110 GT. Quite logical, since the grandfather also has an EB110 GT in the collection. In fact, the classic Bugatti in the pictures is also from the customer. the manufacturer claims that the decoration of the interior takes sixteen weeks.

Unveiled in 2019

Where the EB110 was then designed in Italy and saw the light of day at the Campogalliano factory, Centodieci is manufactured on Ettore Bugatti’s sacred site in Molsheim, France. Nevertheless, the preview of Centodieci, where Autovisie was the only media from the Netherlands, took place in Italy in the old EB110 factory. This ‘Fabricca Blu’ is also blue, just like the first Centodieci.

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Bugatti has started the development of Centodieci

Lower top speed

The latest sports car from the French hypercar manufacturer has the W16 engine with its displacement from Chiron. The power plant in the back, which for the first time is covered by a glass cover, this time provides 1600 hp, 100 hp more than the Chiron. It is capable of a top speed of 380 km / h. It is lower than the Chiron (420 km / h) and higher than the Chiron Pur Sport (350 km / h), but equal to the 1500 hp Divo. With Centodieci, the focus is on curve speed and not on speed straight ahead. The wheel positions, tires and downforce values ​​ensure that the manufacturer has to limit the sports coupe to ‘only’ 380 km / h.

Bugatti Centodieci in Holland

As far as is known, no Centodieci has been sold to a Dutchman. From the series of get-off Bugattis one is in Dutch hands, a Divo. An EB110 Super Sport by EB110 came to the Netherlands last year, but that car, like the Divo, does not have a Dutch registration. Three of the EB110s are currently registered. Five by Chiron and five by Veyron. There are several specimens in our country.

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