Entry-level iPad 2022 gets USB-C and 10.5-inch screen

Entry-level iPad is the least exciting model every year, but at the same time one of the most popular. For a relatively low price, you have an iPad that you can watch movies and series with, surf, email and do other basic tasks that many people look for in an iPad. To keep the price low, Apple always uses older parts from previous models. Think of the screen, the housing and the chip. But according to 9to5Mac, things will change a little more this year. Sources argue against the site that the iPad 2022 will get usb-c, in addition to an upgrade of the chip. But how credible is that?

‘iPad 2022 with USB-C and A14’

The lightning connection seems to be in decline. iPhone 15 is expected to switch to USB-C next year, partly under pressure from the EU. But with iPads, Apple is already much longer, for almost all models are already equipped with USB-C. In that sense, the switch from Lightning to USB-C on the 10th generation iPad 2022 sounds like a logical move. In addition to uniformity, this also opens up new possibilities such as connecting more accessories. While we wonder if the target audience for this iPad needs it (think professional cameras or hard drives), this would be an attractive feature.

Other improvements on the way, according to the source, include the faster A14 chip and 5G support on the Cellular model. The iPad 2021 currently has an A13 chip. Almost every year, Apple puts a faster chip in it, making the upgrade to the A14 chip more logical this year. This is the same chip that is in the iPad Air 2020 and iPhone 12 series.

What does this mean for the design and the screen?

The source says he has no information about the design and the screen. But if the switch to USB-C is correct, some of this can certainly be deduced for the design. Entry-level iPad still works with the first generation Apple Pencil, which can only be charged via the built-in Lightning connector. You connect this to the Lightning port on the iPad. However, if the iPad gets USB-C, that means you can no longer charge the Apple Pencil via the iPad. Instead, Apple could also choose to switch to the Apple Pencil 2 for this model. But this Apple Pencil model charges wirelessly, thanks to the magnetic attachment on the side of the iPad that it already works with. To realize this on the iPad 2022, the standard iPad would therefore have a design with flat sides, just like the other current models. That means a whole new design.

Another scenario is that Apple is adapting the first generation of Apple Pencil and changing the Lightning connector to a variant with USB-C. But that would mean there would be a total of three different models of Apple Pencil, which does not exactly make it easy for potential buyers.

iPad 2021 review.
Current iPad 2021 design with first generation Apple Pencil and Lightning

Additionally, it would be very unusual for Apple to add USB-C to the current old home button design. As mentioned before, the entry-level iPad is known for recycling parts. There has never been an iPad cover with the old design that has a USB-C port. It then had to be redesigned and manufactured, which in turn results in a higher price.

About the screen, the 9to5Macs source gives a little more detail, though it remains a bit vague. According to the source, the new iPad 2022 will have a Retina display in the same resolution as the iPad Air. You should not expect more advanced features like high brightness and better color reproduction. But there are no firm statements about the format from this source. Display analyst Ross Young adds Please note that it is a 10.5-inch screen. It’s an upgrade over the current model’s 10.2-inch screen. The striking thing about this is that 10.5 inches is the same size as the iPad Air 2019. This model still had the old design, ie without the flat sides.

All in all, the new rumors do not provide much clarity about the specifications for the iPad 2022. Apple is expected to announce this model during an event in September, at the same time as the iPhone 14 series.

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