Online casino trends for 2022

From the lack of any possible gaming license to a gaming market with an active watchdog that ensures the Dutch player can play in a familiar environment. This is without a doubt the biggest trend in online casino in the Netherlands, but what about the global market? What trends are most important in this highly dynamic market that is doing everything it can to get more people over the threshold?

Improvements for the mobile players
It’s no secret that most people play games on cell phones these days. Many developers have already thrown themselves over this, but in 2022 we will actually see major improvements. Games have now been changed to fit the screen size by default, allowing the player to see all elements better and play easier. This does not only apply to casino games, by the way, the bar is also raised higher and higher for new gaming applications.

One development that creates new challenges in this regard is to play games on a smartwatch. In most cases, these screens are many times smaller, in part because they were not intended to play games in the first place. Whether all developers can handle this, or whether they will stick to playing on mobile devices such as phones, will be a question in 2023.

Significantly better bonuses (especially in Dutch licensed casinos)
The competition between the different platforms increases from week to week. More and more casinos are entering the market while the number of new potential players is increasing much more slowly. Gaming platforms have many ways to compete, such as offering better games and a website that simply works better than competitors’ sites. The most important factor, however, is still the casino bonus, which should persuade people to deposit and play right away. Of course, better providers like Casino JustSpin ensure that they pay attention to every point so that they can really stand out from the competition.

In this context, the Dutch gaming authority plays an incredibly important role. Our own watchdog makes very strict demands on these bonuses. Where once you could get into serious trouble by accepting a bonus, it is now hardly possible. All matters must be clearly communicated to the players, whereby the descriptions must be clear and understandable. In addition, one of the requirements in KSA is that it must be possible to clear the bonus, and the bonuses must not ensure that the players (must) play more than they had planned.

Play e-sports (and everything else that comes with it)
Entertainment plays a particularly big role in the everyday life of the average consumer. E-sports is a relatively new factor in this and this is increasing day by day. Where in the past mainly popular games were played and this attracted viewers all over the world, the lesser known games are now also worth it and millions of people watch a stream every day and we put e-sports events on our agenda. A trend among online bookmakers that we can clearly see in 2022 is that more and more bets can be placed on e-sports. In fact, it will not be long before this becomes the new standard.

The role of cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are still gaining in importance at a slow pace. That you can deposit and play with crypto in the online casino is nothing new. The innovative thing is that more and more casinos are looking at the possibilities behind the blockchain itself. This can prove to be groundbreaking because there are several blockchain applications that increase scalability and ensure that everything is guaranteed to be fair. This would also mean that you as a player can deposit and get paid out within seconds, without interference from customer service.

How important are these trends really?
The gaming market is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow every year. The market for online games and online games continues to innovate to keep it attractive to new players, making it interesting to see what major trends are playing out and what we can expect in the coming months.

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