Spar Holland wants to double the retail network to 1,000 within three years

Gorillas ‘do not leave Belgium’
Two weeks ago, Gorillas announced that it would reorganize and focus on its four European core markets (Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK) plus the United States. For the other four markets (Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Spain), the Germans wanted to look at “all strategic options”: all followers understood that a departure was imminent, but management now denies that it is true. Initially, the daily newspaper HLN reported that management confirmed the withdrawal with reference to an internal email. Other media, however, later reported that no decision had been made and that the resignation was just one of several scenarios that the board wanted to run through the unions. According to the management itself, it has now been decided to stay in Belgium, but to close a number of branches.

Spar Holland aims to double the retail network within three years
On the occasion of Spar’s 90th anniversary, John van der Ent, CEO of Spar Holland, has announced the expansion plans for the company. The dealer’s vision is to double the retail network from the current 455 to 1,000 within three years. The vision for Spar Nederland is to be the king of convenience in the retail segment, where expanding the number of stores is crucial to realizing that vision.

UK: Morrisons raises wages as stores compete for staff
Morrisons is raising the salaries of its store staff as UK supermarkets compete for staff in increasing competition in the sector. Morrisons will pay staff at least € 11.88 per hour, making it the highest paid UK supermarket in its own words. Morrisons said the offer would mean a pay rise for 80,000 of its employees across the country.

UK: Inflationary pressures strain retailer-supplier relationship
Inflation has weakened the relationship between UK-designated retailers and their suppliers, according to the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) sector survey 2022. The results of the YouGov survey show that pressure from price increases has strained the relationship between retailers and suppliers after two years of retailers and suppliers worked closely together and improved their relationship, just as the problems associated with the code between the two have increased. In response to these difficult circumstances, the performance of retailers has been mixed. Aldi is back at the top of the rankings with a score of 98% and a total of five dealers have improved or maintained their scores despite the challenges in the industry.

Spain: Caprabo lets customers use their own packaging
Spanish retailer Caprabo has launched a new sustainable purchasing initiative by allowing customers to bring their own packaging from home for transport purchases. Customers can take fresh goods home from the fishmonger, butcher and delicacy in their own packaging. Caprabo, which already allows purchases in recyclable nets in the fruit and vegetable department of most of its supermarkets, will roll out the initiative in the 137 stores that have a fresh department.

130 million euros fines handed out to Portuguese supermarket chains
Supermarkets Auchan, E. Leclerc, Modelo Continente and Pingo Doce and supplier Unilever have been fined more than € 130 million by the competition authority (AdC) for a system of fixing consumer prices. “The conclusion of the study was that the participating supermarkets through contacts that [Unilever] without having to communicate directly with each other, ensured that retail prices in their supermarkets were matched. This is a cartel-like conspiracy known in the terminology of competition law as a “hub-spoke” model, “AdC said in a statement. Auchan was fined € 16.19 million, Modelo Continente € 50.8 million and Pingo Doce 35. 7 million euros, Unilever will pay € 26.6 million and E.Leclerc € 2.9 million.

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