Verweij comes to the city council with the ‘sermon’ during the maiden speech

SLIEDRECHT – He had his maiden speech on Tuesday evening, June 14, 2022, the first time anyone speaks in public and should not be interrupted by others. Councilor Jan Pieter Verweij (SGP Christian Association). “I am sure that in my first post I have room to place the agenda item with views, annual reports and budgets in a somewhat broader perspective. I therefore want to return to the creation of the universe, ”he told the council. He spoke about the views on the 2021 annual accounts and 2023 budgets during an opinion-forming meeting in the Party Center De Lockhorst’s temporary council chamber.

Jan Pieter Verweij during his maiden speech. (Photo SGP-Christian Union)

“No kidding, President: It’s not my point to start a discussion on creation versus evolution. Then I’d rather build a bridge. Whether the beginning of everything is the first day of creation or the first second of the Big Bang, there is a beginning and therefore a First Mover who set everything in motion.No, Mr President, my first concern is: why are we here on earth? I am convinced that the cause lies deeper than self-interest, economic utility and necessity and even deeper than a morally common system of virtues to enable good coexistence.I am convinced that we are here to be in four good relationships: first to God, second to each other, third to ourselves, and fourth to creation “You could see a cross in front of these four conditions. The ultimate sign of relationship restoration,” said Verweij. relationship to God, relationship to my loved ones (wife, children, family, friends, relationships in communities such as church, school, sports club, relationships in the community through which many abysses have been drawn, finding and discovering myself, and a relationship with creation where I am convinced of the need for sustainability. ”

build bridges
“I experience this call for relationships as a motivator to make an effort here in municipal politics, to build bridges and seek solutions. Common ground, common schemes, so to speak “, he continued,” But I see this as a call to oppose individualism, but also against anyone who sows hatred and discord, differently thinking accused of treason, cynicism and unproven conspiracy theories spread about governments. So what we see a lot in the media and social media today. It’s nice to build bridges, but it simply does not work with people blowing up bridges. Sir. Mr President, after this somewhat philosophical introduction, I will bridge my speech tonight: the views on annual work and budgets for common regulations. When I read the documents, it was all that was in the back of my mind. It goes beyond “how does this serve the citizen”. It’s about: does it lead to a government that takes over and solves everything, or a government that makes society stronger? I challenge all of you to include the word “community” in my contributions tonight (…). “

to the point
He then announced that during the GR discussion, he would make concrete comments on the GR to be discussed and raise concrete changes. Verweij: “In this general contribution, I will suffice to say that our joint events fulfill an important function for the Sliedrecht community. It is an expression of the relationship we have with municipalities in our region that we address common challenges. And we do so in such a way that those challenges are not completely removed from the Sliedrecht community, but that this community is involved, is made accountable. the overall picture is nonetheless a source of gratitude and a blessing to our society. ”

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