“It’s great to be able to do this for kids”

PurmerendOver the past year and a half, hundreds of children have received a guitar set from top guitarist Ruben Hoeke. He knows better than anyone what making music can mean for a person. He gives every child that experience.

Like many good initiatives, Ruben’s campaign started with a one-time call in November 2020. The guitarist had an extra guitar set and wanted to make someone happy with it who could not even buy a guitar. His post on Facebook was widely shared. Not only were there a lot of reactions from people who would like to receive his set. Ruben was also overwhelmed by people who would offer a guitar for the same purpose.

The first set, five sets, ten sets, the amount of guitars just kept growing. He made sure the guitars came out as a complete set with his own hands. With new strings, plectrum, cover, stand and where necessary also with amplifier and cables. Cleaned up and well, the guitars found their new owners.

Music for everyone

When the project began to run out of control, Hoeke decided to set up a fund. “Stichting Muziek voor Kids” offers free guitar sets for children all over the country. Children whose parents have little money, children with disabilities, refugee children. Hoeke: “Being able to make music and make music yourself is not only important for the development of the brain, the imagination, the self-image (‘Hey, I can just play this, how cool is that!’), But also to learn to discover, listen, try, etc., etc. In my opinion, children should have that opportunity. ”

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“In the past, when I felt angry, I always quarreled with my brother and sister. Now I have to go into my room and play the guitar. Then I no longer feel angry, but happy.”

BRYANT (autistic)

we do it together

Ruben is not alone in this. His good friend Edwin has an auto paint shop in Zwaag. This location now serves as storage for the instruments. Together with about ten friends, he regularly arranges the guitar sets from Zwaag. “We have all personally put many hours into it. But also a lot of money. When the guitar covers are gone, one of us gets in the car to buy new covers from the wholesaler for our own money. I can no longer count the number of kilometers I have driven in the whole country. ” And of course, there are many donors. Some with a single instrument they still had. Others go to the store specifically for this purpose.

Everyone who makes a donation to the fund is mentioned on the donor list, even if the donation is just a set of strings.


Music for Kids is very happy with the donations from individuals. But Hoeke still has to get something from him. “I’m actually a little surprised that no major sponsor has come yet. That would be so amazing. It could be a big company in the music world – it’s of course their future customers. But even if a company like Albert Heijn or another major player presents themselves because they understand the social significance of this goal, it would be great. That way, we make the world a little more beautiful again. ”

If you would like to donate something yourself – in money or material – you can look at Stichtingmuziekvoorkids.nl.

Do you happen to know someone in a large organization who can do something for the foundation? Then Ruben and his friends would appreciate if you would make them aware of this article.

Ruben is a top guitarist and is described by various media as one of the ‘greatest contemporary Dutch guitarists’. He has released ten albums and has performed on stage with countless national and international top musicians both at home and abroad.

OM Ruben Hoeke

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