Old Town Hall in Oud-Beijerland ready for the future

The National Monument from 1622 is again accessible to all. Mayor Aptroot and robot Pepper will perform together this afternoon. Couples can say ‘yes’ again at this popular wedding venue and residents can visit the library at this beautiful location. Everyone can visit, admire and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Mayor Aptroot and robot Pepper perform the opening act together this afternoon – Photo Jip Neele

In 2017, the former municipality of Oud-Beijerland made the decision to move the library together with the Historical Association from Lindenhoeve to Oude Raadhuis in the center of Oud-Beijerland. The library thus gets closer to the residents and can thus better handle its library function. Councilor Harry van Waveren: “The Old Town Hall has great historical value for the municipality, but especially for Oud-Beijerland. The beautifully designed and iconic monument gives the center of Oud-Beijerland that little extra. Therefore, we wanted to keep it, restore it and add a new feature to it. I already get a lot of reactions from the residents that they, like me, are very happy with the end result. ”

Monumental and sustainably renovated

The renovation meant, among other things, that there was a breakthrough between the Oude Raadhuis itself and the former courthouses, which are located next door. An extension has been realized in connection with these former courthouses. The design of the extension has been done in close consultation with residents from the area. The monumental values ​​of the building have been taken into account and at the same time the building has been made gas-free and sustainable. In this way, the Oude Raadhuis has a bright and long future ahead of it. The municipality received a grant from the province of South Holland for this sustainability effort and to improve the accessibility of the old town hall. “The end result is exactly as we hoped,” the councilor said. “Due to the breakthrough, there is plenty of light and space inside. There is also contact with the environment. All this makes it a very nice space where you can sit with your nose between the books. ”

Travel through construction history

The design of the renovation and extension comes from InVorm Architecten, an architectural firm with extensive experience in furnishing and rebuilding libraries. They also see the journey through the library as a journey through the building’s building history. Visitors enter the monumental part and walk through the former courthouses to the newly built part. The new small terrace on the water side marks the transition from the former courthouses to the extension.

The renowned restoration architect Walraad Architecten oversaw the renovation. During the design process, they worked closely with InVorm Architects to preserve the building’s historical values ​​and connect the new building with them. The renowned restoration contractor Den Hoed Aannemers from Bergambacht carried out the renovation and extension work. The installation company Van Rennes from Klaaswaal took care of the installation technical work.

Library in historical location

In addition to lending books, this is a beautiful historic site for language teaching, digital skills workshops and cultural evenings on history or art. For the little ones, for example, the Hoeksche Waard library organizes picture book dances and workshops for school-age children, such as programming robots. Brand new is MaakLokaal, a creative do-it-yourself space with 3D printer, laser cutter, vinyl cutter and various home automation equipment. Anyone can experiment with the devices there for a small fee and design their own digital products.

The library is intended to become a busy center where the connection is central.

wedding venue

Oude Raadhuis has always been a popular wedding venue. An important requirement for the municipality was to continue to be able to offer the wedding function after the renovation. The wedding floor was completely preserved and all the authentic wedding furniture remains in the Trouwzaal and Burgemeesterszaal. The catering facility ‘De Waterstal’ provides various packages that can be ordered immediately after the wedding ceremony. From August 2022, couples can say yes. The first reservations have already been taken.

First inspiration Hoeksche Waard
In addition, the Oude Raadhuis is an inspiration point for residents, visitors and businesses to see what Hoeksche Waard has to offer. Here visitors will find inspiration for a day or weekend, cozy shops, delicious addresses for lunch and dinner and the best places to go out in nature. Information is available in the form of various flyers, route maps and a comprehensive leisure magazine. Or experience Hoeksche Waard yourself with the touchscreen display via the digital experience map and map a beautiful route.

The inspiration point is an initiative from Area Marketing Hoeksche Waard, which wants to present Hoeksche Waard attractive to residents and visitors who want to recreate, work and live there.

The Historical Association Oud-Beijerland and other partners are also located in the building. There are also various workplaces and 2 quiet areas in the Oude Raadhuis, which are freely accessible to all. Visitors can read a book in peace while enjoying a cup of coffee or meeting each other in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

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