Set in Design District 2022

The nineteenth edition of the design District took place from 8 to 10 June at the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam. Architectenweb offers a small selection of products that were exhibited at the fair.

It was a relatively quiet episode of Design District. The fact that the previous edition was not so long ago (November 2021) and the fact that several interior and design events take place during this period (Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile in Milan, 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, Object Rotterdam has just been) could be to blame for it.

There were hardly any major surprises in the two furnished halls at the Van Nelle factory. Nevertheless, a small selection of products and designs that attracted attention.

Sustainable acoustics
An interesting party that presented itself in the Design District is Het Stille Verzet. Not makers of products, but ‘designers of silence’ as the team calls itself. The Silent Resistance does this in the most sustainable and responsible way possible. For example, the company uses PETFelt – made from predominantly recycled PET material – but prefers bio-based materials such as cork and reeds.

Het Stille Verzet also has ‘products’ that are designed according to the customer’s wishes and circumstances per project. An example is Maps, an acoustic solution in the form of PETFelt as a wall covering in two layers, where the top layer shows a carved floor plan. The bubble and ring ring are call cells made from recycled wooden subfloors from NS trains and equipped with sound-absorbing bio-based materials. The ring is designed by RoosRos Architects.

One party with a strong focus on sustainability that presented itself at the Design District was Circuform. The company showed the chairs REX and Kwart, designed by Ineke Hans and Ton Haas respectively. The starting point for Circuform is to minimize the use of new raw materials in the production of office furniture and to maximize recycling.

It does so, among other things, by using industrial and post-consumer waste; In addition, REX is a chair with deposit. At the stand, the company’s latest product was a table consisting of a plate made of pressed paper waste and a recycled metal base.

hammock chair
A pendant lamp that completes the office with a blink: above the meeting table a lamp made of office chair parts. However, the principle behind it is very serious. Interstuhl has the sustainable ambition to give its products, product parts, leftovers and packaging materials a longer or new life, according to the office furniture manufacturer.

For example, Interstuhl collects its old used chairs for recycling or upcycling. The company has designed a pendant lamp for parts such as backrests and crosses that could not be recycled: Stick the obvious. “As logical as recycling is, the design of the lamp is also for us. The design speaks for itself and is not far off, ”says Interstuhl. Sting the obvious is only available on request in real color, depending on the parts available.

The company had already found a suitable application for the caps that protect the wheels on office chairs during the logistics process. Once a chair has reached its destination, the wheel covers disappear in the bin. They are made of 100% PP and are recyclable; reason why the company assembles the caps and processes them into a new product. It turned out to be a bar stool with an ergonomic, practical footrest, strong and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As was also demonstrated at the Design District.

Dutch color palette
Hollands Licht showed a number of new luminaires and a color concept in the Design District, which has been developed together with the design agency RAW Color. The color concept is inspired by the limited number (mineral and organic pigments) available to 17th century painters; the Dutch masters could create any desired colors with it. Using only the pigments available at the time, Raw Color has created a modest palette of twelve shades.

Hollands Licht can use this palette of shades that can easily be combined with (existing) wood and metal luminaires. Such as with the sober bottle-shaped Timber series, now extended with a wall luminaire, but also with the semi-transparent 3D fabric that can be used as a cover for XIO if desired. This floor lamp by Dick Spierenburg consists of a surface of 30 × 30 cm on a slender leg. The transparent surface is illuminated by the LED light source in the holder. The minimalist design seems to enter into a dialogue with Benno Premsela’s classic Lotek.

Marc de Groot has meanwhile designed a collection of lamps that have a luminaire made of folded metal as a common feature. In his designs, he regularly combines the inspiration of nature with the interest in geometry.

His new StarDust pendant lamp is a ball made of versatile metal plates, where the corners together form a round recess. The different dimensions create a varied pattern of circles and lines, resulting in a glowing starry sky above the spherical lamp. The lines connect the points of light as if they were indicating the constellations. Or is StarDust a moon with a surface of meteorite craters?

Wooden experience
Arco unveiled a new dining table in the Design District, designed by Sabine Marcelis: Dew. As expected at Arco, the table consists of (certified) wood. Dew is a sober and distinctive design consisting of an oval top with two separate curved surfaces as a base.

Marcelis has made optimal use of the wood’s properties by letting the drawing contribute to the visual experience of the table. “The curves invite interaction. People want to feel the softness and warmth of the wood, ”she explains.

Artifort unveiled two new designs: the Moon armchair and the Compass side table. Moon by designer Patrick Norguet is a high armchair with a surprisingly comfortable and according to the company ergonomic seating experience with a comfortable headrest. With the design, Norguet refers to the experience of weightlessness, he explains; at the same time he aimed for an impressive object that immediately invites comfort.

Compass is a solid oak table with a teardrop-shaped top and foot. With a diameter of 40 cm, the top provides enough space for a laptop, tablet or book. By placing the leg on one side, the table can easily be slid under a chair or sofa and over your lap, so you can also work in an informal place. The American-Dutch duo Mike & Maaike designed the compass with two heights: 57 and 65 cm.

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