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With the game Big Time, created by Big Time Studios, a new high-quality decentralized application (dApp) has entered the crypto market. This crypto game is made by developers with many well known companies on their resume. From Electronic Arts to Disney and Marvel. The expectations around this game are therefore very high!

The crypto market is a fairly young market and is therefore experiencing significant growth. There are several developers who want to use blockchain technology to create the best dApps, NFTs, blockchains or cryptocurrencies. So it is no surprise that there are so many different projects for all these applications. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and also countless dApps.

The game is currently (June 2022) in beta, so a perfect time to find out if this game is for you! In this blog you can discover all about Big Time. We guide you through the team, the NFTs and various aspects of the game. This way, you can still qualify to play the game before the general public has this option. Are you curious about how? So read on!

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What is Big Time?

Big Time is a play-to-earn (P2E) game, founded in 2020 and built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. After many years of development, there was big news at the end of 2021 when the first NFTs appeared on the market. By early 2022, the time had actually come; the beta version of Big Time can be played!

In the world of Big Time, you can both solo and with multiple players Perform missions and defeat various monsters. By fighting these monsters you can earn different things, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Especially for a P2E game, Big Time looks very good, but it’s no surprise with the team behind the game (more on this later).

Big Time will most likely be free to play in the future, but in the first half of 2022, only players with a VIP pass could play the game. This VIP Pass is an NFT that enthusiasts can purchase. Currently, the game is still in beta, which will ultimately determine if the game will actually be free to play.

Are you curious about the gameplay? Be sure to check out the video below:

Big Time characters

In the game you can choose between different characters, each of which has its own characteristics and specialties. Each character contributes to the team, but some aspects can also weigh more when you go out solo. When you start playing Big Time, you will be asked to select a character.

You can only change this character once you have found a ‘pocket watch’. These can be found by defeating enemies in the game. If you have been given a pocket watch and you bet on it, the progression of your previous character will be saved. So you do not have to worry that all your progress has been for nothing! But what characters are there exactly?

Time Warrior (barbarian)

Time Warrior is a character who can best use his powers on the front line. With his powerful blows and special abilities, this barbarian can defeat an entire enemy army with his unique powers. A character with brutal strength, yet good for melee, is a unique combination that many players will appreciate!

Kronomancer (lean)

Chronomancers are characters that can handle enemies at a distance. These powerful and magical characters are very suitable when you want to fight a little more at a distance. This choice for this character is a tactical choice, not suitable for players looking for quick action. When playing Big Time with your friends, this role is a great addition to the characters that can attack quickly.

Shadowblade (Ninja)

Shadowblade is compared to a ninja sneaking around like a shadow, and for good reason. These ninjas are lightning fast and silently approach the various enemies. In addition, Shadowblade are fast attackers, which is the right class for you if your playing style is focused on a fast fighting style. Are you looking for a character who dives into combat? Shadowblades are perfect for melee!

Quantum Fixer (Medic)

Quantum Fixer can be compared to Johan Cruijff’s views; the attack is the best defense. A Quantum Fixer is described as a Medic, but can also make a difference during a battle with their gadgets. The Fixers allow Chronomancers and Shadowblades to take full advantage of their strengths, thanks to Fixers’ hacking and healing work.

Of course, a video says more than a thousand words, so find out below which character suits you best!

Big Time NFT Marketplace

In the game you can discover two different types of NFTs, namely the so-called cosmetic and utilitarian NFTs. These NFTs can be found in the game by defeating enemies and completing missions. To convert these NFTs into crypto or to purchase NFTs so you can excel in the game, visit Big Time’s NFT Marketplace.

Cosmetic NFTs can be found by defeating enemies in the game or by buying them from the marketplace. You can use these NFTs to enhance the look of your goods. Moreover, these non-fungible tokens do not affect the performance they are for show only. The utilitarian NFTs are much more comfortable in the game. You can use these unique tokens to repair or upgrade your items.

Early access with VIP passport

For the most committed players, it is possible to play the game earlier than most players. Big Time Studios has put several NFTs up for sale, which act as access cards. In total, there are four different types of VIP passes, namely Gold, Silver, Jade and Ruby† This order is also the order of access. Players with a Gold VIP Pass may be the first to play the game and be the first to enjoy the gameplay to go hunting for NFTs!

This is also the reason why a lot of players have bought the VIP passes. If you can get into the game early and get your fingers in a lot of NFTs and other items in the game before most players can even play the game, you could potentially take advantage of the potential future demand for these scarce NFTs. The VIP passes are for sale on the Big Time marketplace, but you can also buy them through the OpenSea or Binance marketplace.

The team at Big Time Studios

The team at Big Time Studios consists of very experienced team members who have a background in the largest companies in the gaming field. From Epic Games and Blizzard to Electronic Arts. This team has also contributed to games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. To give the leaders at Big Time a platform, we review the team members with the greatest responsibility with you.

The CEO of Big Time Studios is Ari Meilichwho also started the company in April 2020. Before joining Big Time, Meilich spent almost five years in Decentraland, as well as working for a venture capitalist and founding another company with Benchrise.

One who has also worked for Decentraland before embarking on his adventure at Big Time Studios is Thor Alexander. Alexander is the CPO of Big Time, with which he is primarily responsible for the product. Alexander also started his own company with Luck Puppy, and has previously worked at Zynga and Metaplace.

Also CMO, Michael Migliero, has the entrepreneurial spirit running through the years. Like the company’s CEO and CPO, Migliero has run his own business with Fractional Media. In addition, he has held various positions in companies in Palo Alto, the heart of the ‘entrepreneurial place’ Silicon Valley.

The technical manager is Matthew Tonks, CTO of Big Time Studios. Tonks has also been active as an entrepreneur and has owned the company BitMonster, a software development company, for more than 10 years. Tonks has also worked at Epic Games and Electronic Arts, two leading gaming companies. Big Time Studios is therefore in good hands!

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Would you like to stay informed about the latest developments around Big Time? The company can be followed on many different social media platforms, so it’s good! With 235,400 followers, Twitter the social media platform where Big Time has the second most followers. Twitter is the social media platform for many crypto projects, but more than 200,000 followers for a beta game are impressive.

In addition to Twitter, you can also follow Big Time via the various chat applications. Through both Discord and Telegram, you can stay up to date on Big Time along with 400,000 and 25,600 followers, respectively. If you thought the number of followers on Twitter was impressive, then the number of followers on Discord is something of an achievement that you rarely see in crypto projects.

And if you occasionally wanted to get news about Big Time while scrolling on Instagram, this is also possible! Along with 27,000 other followers, you can expect an update on the game a few times a week. The amount of content is a bit like Reddit, where more than 2,000 followers can also expect content in Big Time subreddit a few times a week. However, this also includes questions from e.g. community.

We have already discussed 6 Big Time social media channels, an amount that is enough for most crypto projects. However, Big Time is located on almost all social media platforms. Of course, the streaming platforms can not be missed! You can find content on both YouTube and Twitch. The frequency of updates may be less high, but the informative value is so much the higher!

Speaking of informative value, you can also stay informed about Big Time’s plans via Medium. Here, over 12,000 people follow Big Time’s informative blogs, share important updates and cover them in more detail. A convenient alternative if you would rather read than watch videos!


Big Time is a new game built on blockchain technology. This game is made by a team consisting of several team members with extensive experience in reputable companies. As you have been able to discover on this blog, the interest in this game is great and the gameplay looks interesting. There are few games that can pique the interest of hundreds of thousands of people and also look good.

The good thing about this game is that you can make money playing the game, as well as bet NFTs to get the most out of the game. The game is currently (June 2022) still in beta, so it’s still a risk to invest your time and money in this. Beginning crypto projects have everything to prove, but with an experienced team, Big Time has an advantage over most games that need to be played to earn.

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