Even if there is no money for a while, children must be able to continue participating

Many children grow up in poverty and their parents find it difficult to pay dues. Financial contacts will help these families find the right arrangements. – Photo: KNVB Media

One in 11 children grows up in poverty. In such cases, it is very difficult for parents to pay contributions and other necessities to let the children play football. Exercise is especially important in times of stress and healthy. Often, however, there are several opportunities to be able to play football, even if there is no money for a while.

Opportunities that are sometimes not sufficiently known by parents and associations. KNVB, main sponsor ING, SchuldenlabNL, FacilitiesWijzer and NSR (Dutch Debt Assistance Route) will ensure that as many Dutch amateur associations as possible will have a financial contact person this year. The financial contacts should help families find the right (local) events so that children can still play football.

Leon Wijnands, Sustainability Director at ING Holland: “No one should be left out for any reason. Children need to be able to play football even if there is not enough money for a while. We help with financial contacts at football associations. These financial contacts can be volunteers from the amateur club or ING employees who have volunteered. We started a pilot with ten football clubs. In recent weeks, dozens of clubs have joined and we feel that the need for support is great. Therefore, we will roll out this initiative to the 550 amateur football associations, of which ING is a sponsor, to hopefully give all football associations in the Netherlands a route later this year to help members with money problems. In this way, more children can do what they love most: play football! “

Find the right disk or arrangement

This initiative can remove these barriers and ensure that more children can continue to play football or become members of a Dutch football association

“There are sufficient national and local schemes that can help people with a small subsidy to pay, for example, sports clubs’ contributions. But many families do not know where to find them, “says Sadik Harchaoui, co-initiator of SchuldenlabNL. “Therefore, it is good that ING and KNVB work together by appointing financial contacts in amateur clubs. These contacts can help people find the right counter or arrangement. They can use resources from NSR and the Facilities Guide for this. ”

“Poverty is terrible. If this simultaneously leads to lack of exercise, it also has consequences for young children’s physical and cognitive development. The threshold for requesting financial support is often high. This initiative can remove these barriers and ensure that more children can continue to play football or become members of a Dutch football association. We believe that children should always be able to participate, “says Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur football at KNVB.

ING offers an alternative route for an association that does not yet have a financial contact person. In time, ING and KNVB want to ensure that every amateur football club in the Netherlands has a financial contact person.


An ING survey among 111 amateur football associations also shows that 43 percent of the associations know that there are members with financial problems. These members find it particularly difficult to pay the contribution (81 percent) and participate in activities (11 percent). No less than 47 percent of associations are unaware of financial problems among members that could prevent children from playing football (anymore).

ING, KNVB, SchuldenlabNL, FacilitiesWijzer and NSR want to ensure that children can (continue) play football by deploying financial contacts who can guide people in an accessible way through the various schemes that exist. ING will make this known through extensive campaigns in the near future.


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