Goldsmith Sonja Arentsen: “A piece of jewelery is made after a story”

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DINXPERLO – Sonja Arentsen is a jeweler / jeweler and from May she can be found with her studio and workshop ‘Van SAES’ on Hogestraat number 81b in Dinxperlo. People can contact Sonja for repairing jewelry, melting down ‘old’ gold and silver, changing wedding rings or designing jewelry. ‘SAES’ stands for ‘Sonja Arentsen jeweler’.

By Waltraud Elburg

Sonja takes her job seriously and has worked as a jeweler for several years. She received her diploma in 1999 at the business school in Schoonhoven. Until recently, she still worked from the attic of her home, but now she has done a good job and is working in her own studio in the center of Dinxperlo. “A great addition to a creative corner,” says Sonja. “I’m here with my workshop in the center of Dinxperlo, where a lot is actually happening, so I’m really happy with this place. Here I enjoy sitting at the table with people and discussing their personal desires. It’s different than at home, you get distracted more easily, and it still differs from how I work now. ” Through word of mouth, Sonja had already built up a clientele, and expansion was inevitable.

Great design and great result
We are guests in her studio, a real workplace expected of a jeweler. In addition to a work table with the necessary materials and tools, there are also a number of display cases with jewelry designed by Sonja. On the wall are also pictures of her work. “And then of course there is also a table where I sit down with the customers to discuss their wishes and come up with ideas. I listen carefully to someone’s story and based on that story we put together a piece of jewelry that suits him or her. It is important to take time for someone. Sometimes, for example, someone has experienced a sad event, and then the story that someone brings with them is important for a jewelry’s design and desires. I often draw and sketch examples so I can also do it visually, but it can also be done digitally. As we speak, we arrive at a beautiful design, and I ensure a beautiful end result ”.

Do not make hasty decisions
Sometimes people find it confusing when the word ‘jeweler’ is mentioned and they also see silver jewelry. Sonja: “You are a jeweler when you work with small objects such as rings, earrings or bracelets. The word ‘jeweler’ may create less confusion. I design and make jewelry of gold and silver and, if desired, also process stones in it. I can order what I do not have in stock. I work by appointment because I think it is important that people’s privacy is also ensured when we review the wishes together and design a decorative character. Then it’s not nice when people go in and out all the time. ” Sonja states that she thinks it is important that people take their time and do not rush to decide to do something. “Take the time when a loved one has passed away and if you want to make a beautiful commemorative piece of jewelery. It is a great event when you lose someone and then you want to keep the memory of the loved one close to you, for example by wearing his or her ring. There are so many options for editing and editing rings, I like to take the time to design with the customer. ” In addition, Sonja can also make other jewelry from the ‘old’ gold or silver.

Open study days
Sonja can well imagine that people are curious about the studio in Hogestraat and about seeing her at work. Therefore, there are monthly ‘open study days’. People can then casually walk in, look around and possibly order or buy jewelry. The upcoming ‘open study days’ are planned for Thursday 23 June, Saturday 9 July and Sunday 17 July. “I design and make jewelry for any target audience, and I try to take into account the budget and the possibilities.” It is all jewelry that is made by hand and which involves many working hours. These are usually unique pieces of jewelery that are no longer available. “Customers who visit me appreciate the craftsmanship and that a lot of time and attention is put into the jewelry.”

‘Van Saes’, a valuable addition to the center of Dinxperlo. For more information, visit the website or call Sonja Arentsen 06-41257347 for an appointment. Open from Wednesday to Saturday by appointment and during the open study days from 10.00 to 17.00.

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