11 signs that your relationship is too forced

You can not force love. We all know this in secret, and yet sometimes you really do not want to lose anyone. Just as much as you want to feel the chemistry, in some conditions it just is not there unfortunately. Only love makes blind, so therefore we give you 11 things you need to take care of.

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1. You want the relationship more than the person

Do you really want to be with your partner at all? It is also possible that you only want a relationship and that it does not matter who. In that case, the person is just coming at the right time, because you “need” a relationship right now. It sounds selfish, and it actually is. So think about it: could you also just be friends with this person? Or imagine for a moment that your partner lives on the other side of the country (or the world). Would you constantly look up to them? If not, you may be less in love with him / her than you hope.

2. You feel uncomfortable in the relationship

What you often see in a forced relationship is someone who is constantly feeling uncomfortable in the relationship. Maybe it’s you who is constantly thinking about his / her words and actions. You are not quite yourself with anyone and that is a shame. Maybe there’s a spark. Only good, that chemistry is there between your partner and a censored version of you. You do not want that, do you?

Discussions do not make the relationship better

A discussion here and there is part of a good relationship, but you have to have it right every time. If this does not happen often, then you should think twice. Is your relationship too forced? Maybe one of you is constantly making the same mistakes and not listening to each other properly. That one would rather always be right than that the relationship should go well. After each match, do you think: the break is close? Then it’s probably not right.

4. You show love more publicly than privately

Of course, every relationship is different. Maybe you love to write cheap pictures on social media and can not help but give you kisses. That’s okay, that’s for sure. Just make sure you are equally tacky in public and private. In fact, private even more than public. If you’re mostly kissing in front of friends, then you might be trying to prove something. Do you really feel like butterflies? You do not have to kiss all the time, do you?

5. You want to change your partner

If you often think things like “this person would be really perfect if he / she …” or “our relationship only gets really good as soon as …”, then you might be forcing the relationship too much. Why do you want to change someone? Opposites are attracted† Although this is probably not the case now, because one obviously hopes for a change. That in a good relationship you must respect each other’s differences. If you truly love someone, they do not need to change.

6. You do not trust your partner

If this is the case, apply the brake immediately. Trust is one of the most important qualities of a good relationship. If you do not trust anyone and are afraid that they will cheat, then this person is not one† In a good relationship, you trust someone to be honest.

7. You pretend to be interested in your partner (or vice versa)

Are you actually interested in your partner and his / her hobbies and passions? Or maybe that person is not interested in you, it is also possible. Of course, you do not have to copy each other’s hobbies or passions. If you do not like something, you do not like it. You can not change each other. But in a good relationship, one should listen to each other with interest. You take each other as you are. If you often almost fall asleep during a conversation about his / her passion, the spark may not have really passed.

8. You will not be thrilled to live with your partner

Maybe you dream of a life with your partner. House, wood, animals. How would it be later as a married couple sitting on a bench in the park? The kids are playing somewhere in sight of you. In fact, if you do not get excited about this dream, then your relationship may not be so good after all. Is he / she really the person you want and can grow old with?

9. You do not have a good friendship as a basis

A good friendship is a really good foundation for a relationship. In the end, you are leaves your best friend and you not only do romantic things together, but also do the dishes, for example. Sometimes you just want to spend some time with your partner foolish and laughing at stupid jokes.

10. You only like your partner in certain situations

Do you like to have fun with his / her nieces and nephews, but do you get uncomfortable when your partner hangs out with your family? Then there is something wrong with your relationship. Or maybe you will find date nights very nice but you prefer to hang out on the couch on a sunday morning. ups. Even in clothing, you still need to feel the chemistry.

11. You are not on the same page

The most important thing about a good relationship with real chemistry is that you are on the same page. Both in terms of humor, intimacy and what you want out of the relationship. If your partner really is you soulmate you will read them and unravel them completely.

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