Teachers and school staff went on strike during City Hall: “The work and care pressure is far too high. We can hardly refer children ”| Gent

GENTAbout forty protesters from the Ghent education gathered on Monday morning under Stadshal to strengthen the national trade union action. In Ghent, not in Brussels, so the threshold for action was low enough. “More people, more resources, our sector is in crisis”.

It was teachers from Freinetschool Het Tandwiel who had called to gather under Stadshal. Stien Cammaert teaches in ‘Klassen Unik’, where all small children sit together (33). “A school is not only the teachers, but also the kitchen, the logistics staff and so on. Because they must also be able to be present here, we want to make our voice heard here in Ghent, not in Brussels. Even if it’s not the city of Ghent’s fault, “says the kindergarten teacher.

Useful work

Unfortunately, the complaints are well-known: an ever-increasing workload and a load-bearing capacity that cannot keep up. The need for care is great, and so is the shortage of teachers. “We want usable work, trust from the government that we can do our job.” The sector requires more resources so that more energy can go to the children and less to the ever-growing administration.

The teaching team in Het Eiland in Malem © Sofie Van Waeyenberghe

A whole team of teachers has come from the primary school Het Eiland in Malem. “The need for care is so great,” they sigh. “We have more and more students who need support, and it takes time and energy. We do not want to let our students fall and stand right behind them, but our carrying capacity is also steadily declining. ”

CLBs are gone

The capacity of support services has also declined, according to the team. “We would like to forward it, but it is not obvious. The waiting lists for a child with speech problems, for example, are three years, “says one of the teachers. “And it’s all or nothing, we do not even have a little bit of support until a full plan has been drawn up,” says a colleague. »There are also cuts. Retirees who are not replaced, e.g. In the meantime, this means that we are sometimes allowed to refer a maximum of four students a year to the social services. We will not be able to do that. ”

Education Councilor Evita Willaert (Green) talks to initiator Wenne Dobbels.
Education Councilor Evita Willaert (Green) talks to initiator Wenne Dobbels. © rv

Councilor for Education Evita Willaert (Green) paid a brief visit to the protesters, and Mayor Mathias De Clercq (Open Vld) is also present during Stadshal. “The teachers come from extremely difficult corona years. Due to the lack of teachers, there are too few hands in the school. They feel underestimated. There is too much falling on the same shoulders, ”says Willaert.

“As a city, we support schools with the Teacher in Gent project. We even set aside 3.5 million for extra hands and to focus on repairing under the corona. But we can not do this alone, and it is not just up to us. The largest levers are in Flanders. I urge Minister Weyts to also raise money for the pilot projects to tackle the shortage of teachers, because otherwise it will also end up on the shoulders of those who already have to carry too much ”.

There is not only trade in education, public transport and IVAGO is also experiencing problems.

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