Walljar pays recurring revenue to holders of their NFTs.

There is currently a lot of hype about NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). A non-fungible token is a unique copy that sits on a piece of blockchain. It can therefore no longer be replaced by another product. In other words, the holder has a non-exchangeable, irreplaceable digital certificate of ownership.

Rotterdam, 15 June 2022 – Collective collections of digital images or works of art of so-called NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have become extremely popular in recent years. During Business Insider Live’s latest streaming event: Crypto! experts discussed the value of this market.

“90% of current NFTs are nonsense: they have zero added value,” said crypto expert Michaël van der Poppe, CEO of Eight Global. “The real function of non-fungible tokens as a form of contract will add value to society. But you need to get rid of all those images as soon as possible.” Teun Brosens, chief economist at Digital Finance and Regulation at ING, agreed. “It’s just a lot of whipped cream now. And as implemented, it has very little to do with blockchain and decentralized applications. All of these images are on servers at a few companies. If one person pulls the plug there, it’s over.”

The owner of Walljar.com, Edvin Oklopcic, agrees: “Art is and still remains what the maniac gives it. Some like it and some do not. Suppose you have acquired an NFT work of art. What can In principle, you can right-click, save the image as a file and then you have it An NFT as a collector’s item is something else Platforms like VEVE focus on collectors who also store tickets, dolls and cartoons instead of having something in boxes and garden it is tangible, you can now just keep it digital so it always stays good and you can not lose it.In addition, there are more and more uses of different collectibles in games, etc. Then you create added value.

So why publish NFTs as works of art?
“We want to do things differently from the rest of the world. We have about 26,000 unique designs on Walljar.com and we also sell in about 30 marketplaces, various webshops and physical stores around the world. We would like to attach a reward system (in the form of sales royalties) to the proprietor. This ensures that a proprietor gets value for money. You are basically generating passive income by owning a Walljar NFT. “

How does it work?
“Actually quite simple. Via Opensea (a platform where you can trade NFTs) you can now find around 50 designs such as NFT from us. We will expand this further in the coming months. Via the platform you can choose one of our Buy NFTs. The owner of a Walljar NFT actually has the ‘rental right’ for the design. We sell this design through our webshop, affiliate marketplaces and other stores around the world. As soon as we receive an order (Via which channel), then the holder receives 10% of the order value.We deposit this nicely on the wallet (account containing his / her digital coins) with the holder of NFT.The holder of NFT can also show his design and sell it again to another, whereby “the tenancy goes to someone else. He or she will then automatically receive the compensation from us on his or her Wallet. I assume the value of an NFT increases, so it’s helpful if you act quickly.”

What do you hope to achieve with this?
“Apart from ambassadors among the proprietors, who we hope will further promote us in their circles (they also benefit if their purchased designs are sold), we also see this as a bridge to a new target group. As we are the only ones like me believe that rewarding our proprietors in this way can be of great interest to proprietors of the NFTs. The extra attention from our brand is of course a plus and we also hope to be able to reach a larger audience with this. “

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