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ZUTPHEN – Work on the Schupstoel in Zutphen has been completed. Councilor Rick Verschure officially opened the square on Saturday, June 18th. After the official opening, the poet Hanz Mirck recited a poem that he wrote especially for Schupstoelen. The rest of the afternoon was also marked by the opening with, among other things, an ice cream parlor and a surprise act.

The history of the square is incorporated in the poem around Schupstoel and there is room for terraces. Trees have also been planted that provide cooling on hot days. In recent (corona) years, the municipality has been working on a redevelopment plan for the Schupstoelen. As many ideas and wishes as possible were collected from different stakeholders. Bureau BDP made the design. The following points were taken into account in the design of the new plant:

– Create peace and coherence: by removing unnecessary street furniture and making a clear design.
-Make the historical characteristics of the room more visible: through a historic sidewalk zone along the western facades and a special space by the medieval well.
– Enables flexibility in use: with space for terraces and the possibility of a temporary stage for events.
– Climate-adapted design: with space for water infiltration (so that the water can sink into the ground), maintenance-friendly green that promotes biodiversity and trees for cooling on hot days.

Why this new facility? The intimate and characteristic square De Schupstoel is an important part of the historic city center and has a rich history. The area is located in the middle of the pedestrian zone: a good reason to give the square its own identity, which fits into the historic city center. Improvements were also needed due to a number of problems on the site: bicycle nuisances, vans, lack of access to shops, inadequate views of the buildings due to bicycle chaos and idleness.

Poem by Hanz Mirck
At the request of Zutphen municipality, the former city poet Hanz Mirck wrote a poem about the Schupstoelen in Zutphen. The square was to regain a function in the city, and more attractiveness. Therefore, Mirck studied the history and social function that the square has had in the city. Schupstoel was originally a canal where ships had to pay tolls and later became a place where locals came to fetch water. The channel in which the poem is placed can also be seen as a water cycle, and it inspired Mirck. At Schupstoel you can see how people begin to follow the words as they go and discover to their surprise that an entire poem is unfolding that explains where you are. A poem by Mirck (who was also a city poet there) can also be found in a gutter in Apeldoorn, near Marktstraat.

As a Dutch scholar, Mirck is also at home in the language change processes that ensured that the name of the medieval ‘Scippestoil’ was changed to the current ‘Schupstoel’ (which has nothing to do with the torture apparatus ‘spade’). . Mirck made the exchange of words reflected in the poem by showing how language can flow. And it fits with the features of the location. The poem contains all sorts of language jokes, including a reference to the poem ‘Dream foam’ by Gerrit Achterberg and the poem ‘Sleep debt’ by Peer Wittenbols (especially famous as a playwright). Below is the full text of the poem.

Ekkoer. Here we have buried the moat, here on the rope of language we create our existence from time, by the well we share life, together we waste our stories; underground salt and sweet sinks back into the blood of the city: thus we purify ourselves, extinguish our conversations, water our fruits, the tumultuous questions, crowded answers, drowned lines, together we awaken the dripping fertility, the past is reflected between the walls, seeps through fingers on us, seeping out of our mouths: Scippestoil – Schupstoel – ship tax – district – shelter city – stream place – foam stream – dream garden – guilt – scepter – language tax. Hanz Mirck

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