“Design smart lighting like never before with Philips Hue”

Signify unveils a new line of Philips Hue smart lighting products that offer even more flexibility, control and design options for your home. The new product launches include two exciting new features for Philips Hue: the first fully customizable rail lighting with its own range of lamps and the first portable, rechargeable lamp designed for indoor and outdoor use. A new smart switch in slim black or white offers intuitive damping for the first time by turning the switch knob. It also allows you to set scenes and select rooms with each of the four buttons. For everyday well-being, a new Awake automation in the Philips Hue app provides a personal and natural sunrise effect in the bedroom. The automation is designed to give users the feeling of waking up outdoors under a big morning sky. This is complemented by a new gradient lamp designed for the bedroom. This is stated by the company in a press release.

Become the personal lighting designer in your home with Philips Hue Perifo rail lighting. Perifo is a new line from Philips Hue that consists of individual rail elements that fit together to form a fully customizable rail. You choose the design and length of the rail and which lamps you want to use to have full control over the way you illuminate your home. The rail can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and connected to a standard socket or existing wiring using the supplied power supply. Then the real fun begins when you click the smart bulbs of your choice into the rail and set them up exactly the way you want. You can optionally combine spotlights, pendant lamps, light beams and fluorescent lamps in a single Perifo rail to create the right atmosphere for any occasion and create a unique design element.

With the new Philips Hue Go portable table lamp, you can now take smart lighting from the living room to the patio table or anywhere inside and outside your home. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the portable table lamp has a silicone handle, making it easy to take with you wherever you need light. The portable Hue Go table lamp has a battery life of up to 48 hours and is easy to charge with the included charging station. Whether you are reading in bed or eating on the terrace, the button on the lamp lets you cycle through preset light scenes to create just the right atmosphere.

Smart lighting in the bathroom gets a stylish and sleek update with the new Philips Hue Xamento black bathroom series. Philips Hue Xamento black recessed spot brings a subtle, modern design to the bathroom and offers up to 350 lumens in millions of colors of dimmable smart light, exactly where you need it. Xamento black recessed spot is available per piece or as a 3-pack. Philips Hue Xamento black ceiling lamp forms a decorative focal point in the bathroom and fills the room with subtle, diffused light thanks to its unique design. And while the lamp can fill your bathroom with 2350 lumens in millions of colors, it can also be dimmed low to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Xamento’s black bathroom series is specially designed for easy installation and use in humid areas.
New Sunrise Awakening style improves daily well-being

Smart lighting continues to improve the well-being of the home and help with daily routines with the new Sunrise Awakening style. With its rich, colorful transition from blue to soft orange, the new style mimics the sun popping up over the horizon, waking you up relaxed in the morning or at any time of the day. The Sunrise wake style can be found in the Philips Hue app under the ‘Wake up’ tab under ‘Automations’ for Hue Bridge users and the ‘Routines’ tab for Bluetooth users. The awakening style can be adjusted in duration and time of day. Users of the existing wake-up style – now called ‘Transition to Clear’ – can upgrade their wake-up experience by simply selecting ‘Sunrise’ from the automation edit screen.

The Sunrise Awakening style is optimized for all gradient lamps and will be launched together with the new Philips Hue Signe gradient lamp in oak. The Signe gradient lamp in oak with its sleek profile and a natural wood-colored base is both an eye-catcher and a subtle accent to the bedroom. The lamp is available as a table lamp and as a floor lamp.
Set and adjust light scenes instantly and effortlessly

Finally, Philips Hue introduces a new smart accessory, the Philips Hue Tap selector switch, which allows users to control their smart lamps in the house even more personally. The tap selector switch has four buttons, and each button can be set to control smart lighting in up to three separate rooms or zones in the home. Press a button to instantly select or adjust a light scene. The tap selector switch also has an intuitive dimming control: the faster or slower you turn the knob, the faster or slower your smart lighting is dimmed or lit. The switch has a nice matte design in black or white, so it fits into the decor throughout the house. It can be used as a practical remote control or even attached magnetically to metal surfaces.

Potential and existing Philips Hue users can now explore (and play with!) The full range of Hue features in the Philips Hue app, perfect for those planning to start their search for smart lighting.

The new Demo Mode can be found on the ‘Discover’ tab in the app and offers a range of virtual experiences that show how Philips Hue smart lighting can transform the home and improve daily routines. The demos explore the themes of atmosphere, entertainment and sense of security with a special section dedicated to Hue accessories. The demos are further updated in the app and supplemented with new themes so that future users can visualize the Hue experience.

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