Former Industrial Design Engineering student wins prestigious design award – Faculty of Engineering and Architecture – Ghent University

They received this award for the design of Hulasol, an umbrella with lamp.

Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Prize is an international design prize that has been awarded annually since 1955 during a gala event in Essen. The submitted products are tested and evaluated by an international jury of experts. This competition is the most famous in the world.

“Success in this competition is the best proof of solid design and quality,” says Professor Dr. Peter Zec (Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award) The Red Dot Winners. “It confirms that the designers have perfectly understood the needs of their customers.”

Hulasol has been awarded the ultimate design prize, Red Dot, Best of the Best 2022, the highest prize in this competition. Out of more than 26,000 entries from more than 60 countries, 119 products were selected as Best of the Best. Other winners include the Apple Iphone 13, Apple Macbook Pro and Ferrari Daytona SP3.

The jury praised the design and innovation of Hulasol. “This parasol succeeds in creating a very individual design language that impresses. Not only is the original shape of the textile parasol and the material properties surprising, Hulasol also offers extra added value. The atmospheric light creates an inviting atmosphere and provides an emotionally appealing effect. “


Hulasol is the first lamp and parasol in the world combined and beautifully integrated into one product. This versatile concept with its special shape is unique. Some think it’s reminiscent of a UFO, others completely fall for the minimalist design. It is at least an eye-catcher.

At sunset, Hulasol becomes an atmospheric lamp that ensures that people can enjoy the outdoors for a longer period of time. During the day, Hulasol offers shade and cooling, and the double textile protects against harmful UV radiation and even a rain shower. The aerodynamic shape also ensures good weather and wind resistance. The opening mechanism is patented and our technical hobby horse.

Made and designed in Belgium

Peter and Lin from Solspiration have worked hard in recent years to develop, test and validate Hulasol. In addition to being a designer, Solspiration is also a manufacturer and takes care of the commercial rollout. Solspiration has worked closely with The Nomad Concept on textile form and development.

Hulasol is completely manufactured in Belgium, in collaboration with local partners. Solspiration is located in Puurs-Sint-Amands in the province of Antwerp.

Our ambition is to bring Hulasol from Belgium to the most idyllic places in the world. Interest in this innovative product has already been shown from the UK, Sweden and even the Maldives.


We have chosen a high quality polyester fabric that is extremely easy to maintain and used in the maritime world. The fabric is very UV-resistant, but at the same time very transparent, which gives a beautiful diffused mood light. There are 4 different colors for the top tablecloth: white, graphite, taupe or burgundy, while the bottom tablecloth is always white.

The lighting is LED and you can choose between warm white or RGBW. All components are IP65 and the lamp can be controlled via a smartphone app, Casambi, which works via bluetooth, with which you can turn the light on / off or program certain routines. This allows Hulasol to turn on and off automatically at certain times. Result: no remote control, no visible buttons on the lamp and the ultimate in ease of use.

The lamp is available with a cable or with a li-ion battery pack that guarantees an autonomy of 5 hours.

The rod is made of stainless steel to ensure stability and strength, finished with a high-end textured powder coating in matt black and white to prevent corrosion. The bottom is made of a minimalist steel plate of at least 50 kg, which is also corrosion-treated and finished with high-end structure powder coating.

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