The reconstruction of Flevoweg and Oostzeestraat completed

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KAMPEN – In mid-February 2022, Borger Aannemingsbedrijf began renovating Flevoweg and Oostzeestraat. The work was completed in late June. The rebuilt roads make an important contribution to improving traffic safety and increasing the spatial quality around Groene Hart.

To mark the completion of the conversion, Councilor Albert Holtland received the sign with the design for the conversion of both roads back from Marcel Borger, director of Borger Aannemingsbedrijf from IJsselmuiden, with the contractor’s stamp that the work has been completed. This transfer took place at the new roundabout at the Flevoweg – Oostzeestraat junction. Albert Holtland explains: “Several accidents with injuries made us make this crossing safer. The design for the newly designed Flevoweg has been created in close collaboration with and based on input from a working group set up specifically for this purpose. This working group consisted of representatives of nearby residents and parties in and around Groene Hart. The working group stressed the importance of making the junction between Flevoweg and Oostzeestraat safer and indicated that the current roundabout was the best solution in its view. “A delegation from the working group was present at the handing over of the sign.

Successful project

Flevoweg and Oostzeestraat have been adapted in accordance with the municipal traffic revenue plan from 2017, so that the device now fits the maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour. It is expected that all adjustments together will contribute to a decrease in the number of accidents on these roads. “In addition, Flevoweg is now better integrated into the landscape of Groene Hart. As a lover of this beautiful part of the city center, I also find it very important. Thanks to Borger Aannemingsbedrijf’s craftsmanship and proactive attitude and good communication with the environment and road users, we have also kept the nuisances to a minimum in recent months. I can therefore look back with satisfaction on a successful project. ”

Renovation of Flevoweg

The most striking change of Flevoweg is the construction of the roundabout at the intersection with Oostzeestraat. An extensive participation process showed that a roundabout at this intersection is the best solution and should have the highest priority. The stretch of road between the new roundabout and the intersection with 3e Ebbingestraat has also been addressed. On the intermediate stretch of road, the Flevoweg has been narrowed and asphalt has been replaced by cobblestones to reduce speed while giving the road a more natural look. In addition, the intersections between Flevoweg and Buitensingel and the intersections with 3e Ebbingestraat and Meeuwenweg have been made clearer and safer. The cycle paths along Flevoweg have also been provided with new asphalt, and a footpath has been realized on the south side of Flevoweg parallel to the road section Buitensingel – 3e Ebbingestraat. And there is a parking lot for 20 vehicles southwest of the new roundabout. These additional 20 free parking spaces contribute to a ‘hospitable Kampen’ and to make and reduce the parking pressure in Grøne Hart car-free area. The renovation of Flevoweg was financed by the municipality, partly with a subsidy from the province of Overijssel and a contribution from the government.

Reconstruction of Oostzeestraat

The most striking adjustment for the redevelopment of the Oostzeestraat is that a safer crossing system has been created at the junction between the Oostzeestraat and Hanzelaan near the health center. In addition, the Oostzeestraat has been provided with a finishing tile, which encourages road users to slow down.

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