The winners of the Rotterdam Architecture Prize 2022 announced

On Wednesday 22 June, during a festive award ceremony in the Theater Zuidplein, the housing project Malieklos was awarded the Rotterdam Architecture Prize. Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen won the audience award. The winning projects symbolize two important qualities of Rotterdam architecture: high-quality homes and high-profile icons

Expert jury award

The jury was very pleased to award the Rotterdam Architecture Prize 2022 to the Malieklos team with the builder Woonstad Rotterdam, the builder Gebr. Verschoor and the architectural firm DP6 architectural study.

The jury sees Maliklos as proof that the limited budgets associated with social housing do not have to be a barrier to building high-quality architecture. She is impressed with the craft. This is evident from the special details of this project, such as the sloping nail and the Brazilian masonry. »Here, Rotterdam shows that you are looking further afield, and that you are aware of an integrated city with space and opportunities for everyone. Generous and optimistic public housing that exudes quality on all fronts. How to do it! ‘

Audience award

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is a design by MVRDV for Rotterdam municipality, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, De Verre Bergen foundation, built by BAM. The winning team received the award from Chantal Zeegers, the new Councilor for Climate, Building and Life.

The depot is a building that leaves no visitors, passers-by or critics untouched. The design plays with prerequisites, wishes and requirements in an amazing way, and turns the concept of ‘depot’ upside down. It is a festive building that wants to catch all eyes and welcomes its visitors with open arms. The public expresses their admiration for ‘how a vault full of art can be an attraction, eye-catcher and hotspot’ and sees the Depot as ‘a reflection of Rotterdam’s progressiveness’ and ‘world-class architecture’.

Honorable mentions

An honorable mention from the jury went to the Floating Office Rotterdam, designed by Powerhouse Company on behalf of RED Company and carried out by FOR Building VOF. “In terms of climate and CO-positive construction, they combine here in a fluid structure that appeals to the imagination.”

Another honorable mention from the jury went to De Groene Kaap, designed by bureau Massa and LOLA Landscape Architects, and carried out by Stebru Bouw on behalf of Stebru Ontwikkeling.
‘The Green Cape’s great invention is the landscape ribbon that binds the project together into a whole.’

The second place in the Audience Award is for Welschen 2, commissioned by Woonstad Rotterdam, designed by Vanschagen Architecten and executed by Slokker Breda. This transformation of a residential area by architect Lotte Stam-Beese from the Reconstruction period is about craftsmanship and loving attention to modest budgets. The public writes: ‘It’s amazing how social structures are preserved and old blocks get a wonderful new life’.

Management Cooperative W1555 is in third place in the Public Award. A project that combines commissioning with sustainable architecture based on recycling. Woonstad Rotterdam and Beheercoöperatie W1555 have jointly commissioned the design from Superuse Studios. ‘Recycling is always better than demolition and new construction, collective recycling is even better’, writes the public.

About the Rotterdam Architecture Prize

The jury made a selection of ten projects from this year’s 36 contributions. She nominated the winner and two honorable mentions. The public could vote on the ten projects from the jury selection, resulting in a top three among the public. The professional jury in 2022 was led by:

  • Lara author
  • Christopher de Vries
  • Eline Strings
  • Mark van de Velde
  • Lorenzo Elstak

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