Update IV | Brown: ‘Relationship with Ricciardo has never been better than now’

McLaren CEO Zak Brown expects more and more from Daniel Ricciardo. At the moment, Lando Norris is still faster than the 32-year-old driver. Over the weekend, Brown saw the young British rider once again outdo his teammate, despite suffering from tonsillitis. Norris eventually finished in eighth place, while Ricciardo crossed the line in twelfth place.

Expectations were high when Ricciardo switched from Renault (now Alpine, red) to McLaren. Despite this, the Australian has not yet really been able to show his talent. “Lando definitely has an edge,” Brown says at Sky Sports† “Of course we want Daniel to be much closer to Lando. We want a good match within the team. ‘

“Daniel still does not seem completely comfortable in the car,” Brown continues. “We have tried everything we can. This weekend was again disappointing and did not live up to its own or our expectations. ‘ Despite this, the American still gives Ricciardo a chance. “We just have to keep working together as a team and keep pushing hard. Then you hope that it will work at some point.

Brown: Norris one of the best drivers

Ricciardo’s deficit is not just due to the performance of the eight-time race winner, according to Brown. The CEO is very excited about Norris. “It also shows how good Lando is. If you look at the gaps between Sainz and Leclerc, and Verstappen and Perez, you can see that it is normal for there to be differences between teammates. I think Lando is one of the best drivers in the world. ”

Despite Norris again scoring points in Barcelona, ​​the weekend did not go smoothly. The rider suffered from inflamed tonsils. “He was really, really sick. We were not even sure the doctor would allow him to race. Luckily he was allowed to run. He’s a really strong guy and he ran a really good race. I think He will be in shape again for Monaco. ”

Update 13.40 (29/05) | The McLaren contract Ricciardo includes mechanisms to end the collaboration

Daniel Ricciardo’s contract with McLaren includes mechanisms to end the partnership between the rider and the team. This is confirmed by McLaren CEO Zak Brown in conversation with the Dutch branch of Motorsport.com† The American also says he is still not impressed with what Ricciardo has accomplished so far with the British team.

“I do not want to go into detail, but there are mechanisms where we are committed to each other and there are mechanisms where we are not,” said McLaren chief executive of Ricciardo’s contract. “I talked to Daniel about it. We are not getting the results we were hoping for, but we are both continuing to push. He showed last year at Monza that he can win races. We need to develop our car further. ‘because it is not able to win races. Nevertheless, we would like to see him further up the net.’

Update II 16.58 (06/06) | Ricciardo on Brown’s statements: ‘He is right’

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted to McLaren CEO Zak Brown’s recent claims that his performance with the team so far has not lived up to expectations. When asked about Brown’s comments ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo replied: “He is right. These are comments that I do not take personally. I have not been able to live up to the expectations we had yet.”

“No one wants to be tougher on me than myself,” the Australian added. “I do not want to run in a tenth, twelfth place. I still believe I can finish in front and belong there. We are working hard on it together.” Asked what it takes to reach the level of Norris, who has scored 48 points this year compared to Ricciardo’s 11 points, the eight-time Grand Prix winner replied: “I think there is more to be gained from the car. I think we “have also had a few things where luck has not gone our way, so it’s a combination of a few things,” the McLaren driver concluded.

Update III 18.47 (10/06) | Ricciardo spoke with Brown: ‘Convinced I have full support’

Daniel Ricciardo has entered into negotiations with the American in response to statements from Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren. Brown increased the pressure on Ricciardo by saying that he is underperforming and that there are mechanisms in the Australian’s contract. After the conversation, Ricciardo knows that he has full support in McLaren.

“We have spoken, but I do not have to go into detail about it,” Ricciardo is quoted as saying Motorsport.com† The driver believes the air is clear after the conversation with the McLaren director. My contract with the team runs until the end of next year. I’m fully committed to McLaren and I’ve expressed it. Now it’s about showing myself on the field. I’m really sure I have the full support of the team, “said the eight-time race winner.

Update IV 20.00 (26/06) | Brown: ‘Relationship with Ricciardo has never been better than now’

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes the relationship with Daniel Ricciardo has never been better than it is now. Some time ago, the Australian was criticized by his team for his poor form this year. Brown goes back on his words and notes that the collaboration with the driver is going very smoothly.

‘We have an excellent relationship and had dinner together in London a few weeks ago. We laughed and enjoyed running together. The relationship with Ricciardo has never been better than now, “the American emphasizes. Finally, it’s up to McLaren to produce better material.

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