RTV Stichtse Vecht – Multi-day meeting ahead of City Council Stichtse Vecht

On Tuesday 28 June, the city council will make decisions on, among other things: the location of the new waste sorting for the entire Stichtse Vecht, the annual reports and the Zuilense Vecht heating plan. Two committee members will also be appointed. In view of the length of the agenda and that the Framework Letter will be considered on 5 July, items on the agenda that can no longer be considered tonight will be placed on the agenda for the Council on Tuesday 5 and possibly July.

June 28, 2022, at 19.30, agenda

On the agenda (discussion papers)

Motorhome policy

Designate a location for the waste separation station, Gemeentewerf, Kansis Groen and the landfill

Financing of MFC Vreeland

The Municipal Fund’s December circular 2021

· Draft budget for 2023 GGD Utrecht region

· Draft framework memorandum 2023 Plassenschap Loosdrecht and surroundings.

· Draft principles for budget for 2023 ff. Leisure Board Stichtse Groenlanden

· Draft budget for 2023 and annual statements for 2021 Tax Cooperation Municipalities & Utrecht Water Board (BghU)

Annual reports 2021

· Heating plan Sportspark Zuilense Vecht

Purchase protection

Amendment of the Protocol on Suspicion of Violations of the Integrity of Political Officials

Motion PVV – Referendum Regulation

Exercise PVV – Meetings during the day

Motion PVV – Talk time

Exercise SP – Do not let our elderly fall

Proposal D66 ea – Exclusive allocation of utilization of public rental housing

Designate location for waste separation station, Gemeentewerf, Kansis Groen and landfill

The city council has voted for one central place where waste can be collected. Breukelen as the municipality’s central center is in 2018 specifically designated as a search area for this. Among other things, the council proposes to designate the area beyond the Corridor – behind the petrol station on the A2 – as a new location for the Waste Separation Station, the municipal farm, Kansis Groen and the landfill. They also want to realize a compact Circular Craft Center there (a front station of the recycling center where goods and raw materials are taken, recycled or transformed into other products). The Council is also requested to agree to make investment credit available for facilities and necessary traffic engineering adjustments. In addition, the council is requested to confirm the duty of confidentiality imposed by the council.

Draft principles for the budget for 2023 Leisure Board Stichtse Groenlanden

The leisure board Stichtse Groenlanden promotes interests in outdoor life, nature and landscape in a number of areas in Utrecht, including Maarsseveense Plassen. The municipality of Stichtse Vecht is a participant in this joint event and is a co-client together with 9 municipalities and the province of Utrecht. The board develops, manages and maintains the recreational facilities.

The Council is proposed to take note of the draft budget for 2023 and beyond by the Stichtse Groenlanden leisure committee and not to deliver an opinion. A study is currently underway by the province of Utrecht and Staatsbosbeheer on the structural costs of performing tasks. The budget proposal, which incorporates these costs, is expected to be sent to participants for an opinion in August 2022. PVV’s party has announced a change.

In the annual reports, the Executive Board describes the policy pursued and the expenses for 2021. The Council proposes:

To add the favorable annual result for 2021 of € 1,901,893 to the general reserve.

2. To accept a withdrawal from the general reserve for the proposed budget transfer of EUR 2,572,952 for the financial year 2022.

3. To accept a withdrawal from the general reserve for the proposed addition to the reserve for the maintenance of capital goods (Sport) (€ 272,058).

To accept the proposed withdrawal in 2021 of € 1,858,740 from the Corona Risk Reserve.

5. To accept the formation of the allocated reserve for the capital adequacy reserve for the Karel Doormanweg in Breukelen (€ 156,534).

To approve the annual reports for 2021.

7. Mandate the board to send the auditor’s report to the province.

In addition, the council is asked

8. Determination of the updated land settlements (confidentiality).

9. And to confirm the secrecy imposed by the Board of Directors, appendix 4, the land uses.

The annual reports are processed in their entirety. The Committee on Governance and Finance and the Social Domain of 14 June 2022 has proposed consideration as a discussion paper at the request of the PVV and Samen Stichtse Vecht groups. No factual argument is given here, but it is stated that not everything has been discussed yet.

Heat Plan Sports Park Zuilense Vecht

In the Zuilense Vecht project area, the municipalities of Stichtse Vecht and Utrecht are working together on the construction of an accessible sporty and green park with space for relaxation, sports, accommodation and a new place of education. A heating network must be installed to supply the buildings with heat. The system’s performance is registered in the heating plan. The Council proposes:

1. to adopt the Zuilense Vecht heating plan in conjunction with Utrecht Municipality, insofar as it relates to the area of ​​Stichtse Vecht Municipality, provided that Utrecht Municipality also adopts the heating plan.

2. To authorize the municipal council to adapt the Zuilense Vecht heating plan to the energy performance values ​​and the number of connections.

3. To authorize the municipal council to decide that the heating plan enters into force as soon as the exact energy performance values ​​are included in the heating plan.

The faction in PVV has put forward a proposal in which the faction calls on the council to offer future residents the opportunity to connect their home to the gas network. The GroenLinks group (and other groups) have announced a change to the Executive Board regarding a mandate.

From 1 January 2022, it is legally possible to add the Purchase Protection to the Housing Ordinance. Under this scheme, it is forbidden to rent sparse cheap or medium-priced owner-occupied homes for the first four years after purchase. It gives first-time buyers more options in the owner-occupied housing market. In the present proposal, Breukelen Maarssenbroek and Maarssendorp have been designated for this scheme. The council proposes to introduce the Purchase Protection from 1 July 2022. An amendment has been announced to raise the price limit and make the scheme apply to the entire municipality.

Amendment of Protocol on Suspicion of Violations of Integrity by Holders of Political Offices

It is proposed that the Council adopt the 2022 Protocol on alleged violations of the integrity of political officials in the municipality of Stichtse Vecht. This is intended to replace the protocol on suspected breaches of integrity of political officials from 2019. PVV’s party has announced a change.

Proposal – PVV – Referendum Regulation

PVV’s party, with the support of the parties SP and Samen Stichtse Vecht, puts forward a proposal in which the parties call for the referendum in Stichtse Vecht to be introduced in a way that is feasible for Stichtse Vecht.

Exercise – PVV – Talk time

The PVV faction, puts forward a proposal in which the party calls for a different distribution of speaking time.

Exercise – PVV – Meetings during the day

The faction in the PVV has previously put forward a proposal to allow council meetings to take place in the evening instead of during the day. The proposal has been considered in committee. The other parties do not agree.

Residents, entrepreneurs and social organizations have the opportunity to make use of the right to speak. A total of 6 people will talk about:

Cessation of activities for the elderly (3)

Timely communication with the City Council on, among other things, market management (1)

· Measures against floods on the Straatweg in Breukelen (1)

Campsite policy (1)

The City Council meets from Koetshuis – Boom & Bosch Town Hall, Markt 12, 3621 AB Breukelen. Check this page for the agenda and the accompanying documents. The meeting will start at 7.30 pm.

The public is most welcome in the public gallery. The meeting can also be followed via livestream on the municipality’s website. Or watch Rondom de Raad on RTV Stichtse Vechts channels with interviews and explanations. The broadcast starts around 19.00.

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