The HT Verboom Transport system joins GreenV

The HT Verboom Transport system, developer, manufacturer and installer of internal logistics systems for greenhouse construction, will be part of GreenV, the group of which the installation company Stolze and greenhouse builder Prins Group have also been a part since the end of 2020. In this way, Verboom believes it will be able to better implement its international growth strategy with support from GreenV.

HT Verboom Transportsystemen was founded in 1998 by director-owner Herman Verboom, started as a subcontractor with installation of transport systems and later also active in renovation and preparation of used transport systems for recycling. The many years of knowledge and experience that is practical in the company have for several years now been used for the design, production, installation and maintenance of self-developed container transport systems.

HT Verboom has experienced stormy growth in recent years. In a few years, revenue has tripled, and significant growth is expected in the coming years. This increasing demand comes not only from the existing flower and plant sector, but also increasingly from the use of automated internal transport systems in other sectors and crops such as lettuce, medical cannabis and indoor agriculture. These are complex projects where customers are increasingly demanding integrated solutions.

Herman Verboom: “We will continue to deliver and maintain internal transport systems independently for our existing and new customers. Both directly to end customers and through intermediaries. Nothing changes. At the same time, we see enormous international opportunities, but if we will be able to take advantage of these successfully, we must grow as an organization, and it is better in a group than independently.With Prins Group, Stolze and its local partners, GreenV has a lot of quality in house and experience with international projects, including in North America, a market where we are also strong In addition, GreenV has recently set up a division focusing on indoor agriculture, which we expect a lot from. ”

Internal transport systems: increasingly challenging projects
The fact that the horticultural sector is increasingly experiencing a large shortage of staff worldwide makes the use of automated internal transport systems a logical or even necessary step for more and more growers. But also for investors who are increasingly entering the greenhouse sector and looking for turnkey greenhouse solutions on a large scale. ”We would like to participate in this development, but we are well aware that the game is more complex and technically challenging than traditional horticulture. The courts are larger and contain more pitfalls because we often have to deal with parties and markets on new playing fields for us. At the same time, we will continue to do what we are known for worldwide: delivering reliable systems that do what customers want and therefore work. Always and everywhere ”, says Verboom.

Although the company has been contacted several times for collaboration or acquisitions, the choice ultimately fell on GreenV. “The combination of HAL as a committed long-term investor in GreenV, which understands the sector, and the presence of two other nurseries that we know well and with which we are already working successfully, was the deciding factor. Through this acquisition, we also become a shareholder in GreenV and gain access to support and expertise that we do not have in-house, for example in HR and in handling large international contracts and compliance with often complicated local laws and regulations. In this way, we can continue to focus on what we are good at in the future. For our approximately 35 employees and a fixed flexible layer of specialists – partly in production, partly in R&D and partly in field service – nothing will change, except that we prepare for further growth. We will continue to do what we do and I will personally continue my current work 100%. ”

Strategic reinforcement
Ton Vernaus, CEO of GreenV, is pleased with the acquisition and entry of HT Verboom into the group. “HT Verboom’s automated solutions are a response to the growing problem of labor shortages in the horticultural sector and the pursuit of optimizing crop yields. We see HT Verboom as a strategic reinforcement of the ecosystem of leading horticultural specialists that we want to build. And a strengthening of the leading role that GreenV wants to play in the development of new production systems that contribute to sustainability and better returns. Together with partners within and outside the GreenV Group, all knowledge is available to deliver both sub-projects and turnkey total solutions to any partner or end customer. ”

Geert van Veen, director of greenhouse builder Prins Group and director of GreenV, has known Herman Verboom and his people for years. “They devise and make good transport solutions and make sure that they actually work in all conditions. And it is not a matter of course, I can confirm. I think it’s great that Herman is becoming part of GreenV and will continue to do business with Stolze, Prins and HAL. We speak each other’s languages ​​and we know what to do with each other. With this quality company, we as a group have an even stronger history for the market. ”

The execution of the proposed transaction is subject to customary conditions for transactions of this nature. The parties will not issue further announcements about the financial details surrounding the purchase.

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