Safe day at the beach with the kids? The rescue brigade gives tips! † Stories behind the news

Losing a child can happen, but it often happens in the same way. Your child is standing in front of you, you are glancing at a book and … your child is gone.

“Inattention is often the problem. A parent can take a nap or read a book behind a windshield and they are gone. A child cannot overlook this. If the child is out of your sight, you are out of its sight. I have experienced “Parents were already at our post at 9 o’clock in the morning because they had already lost their child. It all worked out in the end, but seeing your child prevents such unpleasant situations.”

Tip 1: Make appointments with your child

Brokmeier advises parents to make clear arrangements with their children before arriving at the beach. “Teach your kids that if they get lost, they go into a beach club or a restaurant. A lot of kids are not allowed to talk to strangers, which makes sense to me. But make it clear who they can turn to if they have lost their parents. ” Brokmeier also advises parents to make agreements about where to play and that the children do not go into the water alone.

“Once a child is gone, it often starts to cry somewhere because he or she is upset.” According to Brokmeier, the advantage of crying children is that they are found faster because they attract attention. “When parents come to report that their child is missing, I first ask, ‘How cool is your child?’ “I once found that I was with parents all afternoon looking for their son. Eventually, the mother was called by the neighbor to tell her that their son had traveled home independently by train because he had lost his parents.”

Tip 2: Write down your phone number

For some years, the rescue brigade, together with a number of partners, has run the 06 bracelet campaign in the summer. They are giving away free tapes on beaches and other recreational areas where parents can write their phone number. Children are found faster with these ties with phone numbers.

“We hope parents will make arrangements with their child while putting the band on.” According to Brokmeier, remembering the telephone number is also a good solution. “If a child knows a cell phone number or wears it on a bracelet, it saves a lot of search time.”

Tip 3: Sit in a characteristic place

It is difficult to find a good and manageable place, especially on a busy day. “A permanent seat makes it easier for your children to find you as a parent. Be careful not to sit next to an ice cream parlor that moves every hour. You’d better go for a trash can or a beach bar. “

Tip 4: Report it right away

Brokmeier notes that parents do not always immediately report to the Rescue Brigade because they are ashamed. “Losing a child can happen, but report it immediately. We can help with search. A child who had lost his parents was once brought in. The parents did not pick up the child until two hours later, because they were looking for it. ”

Brokmeier warns that it is important that one of the parents, or for example the neighbor, stays in your place. “If the child finds his way back to the resting place, it is useful if there are still things and a parent is at the place. When the child finds it, it sees one of the parents or, for example, your towels or umbrella. ”

Tip 5: Do not get angry at your child

When the child is found again, Brokmeier notices that the parents are often very emotional. “Children do not run away on purpose. Parents often get angry when a lost child comes back. I understand that parents are stressed and angry, but give your child a kiss and a hug. Often the children are already sad because they have missed their parents. ”

Millions of people visit the beach every year, of which about one hundred thousand are children. “It can happen that a child gets lost. But it requires responsibility from the parents. ”

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