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In May, American rapper, songwriter and music producer G-Eazy launched his first ever NFT collection via OneOf. The NFTs have been developed in collaboration with Dutch artist Dzanar, who has previously created recordings for artists such as Ed Sheeran and Kesha. We talked to Dzanar about his art, the development of the NFT and his plans for the future.

The NFT collection designed by Dzanar for G-Eazy (the alter ego of 33-year-old Gerald Earl Gillum) consists of a large number of ‘Geralds’. Each Gerald-NFT represents a specific aspect of G-Eazy. The NFTs are sold via OneOf (see box) in ‘packages’ in the levels Green, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Rare Geralds are also available, giving owners access to exclusive music, VIP tickets to a G-Eazy concert, parties with G-Eazy at Resorts World Las Vegas and dinner with G-Eazy and friends in Los Angeles.

How did the collaboration come about? “An American acquaintance had seen my art on Nifty Gateway, an online auction platform for NFT art launched last year,” said Dzanar Abbas-Zade, 34. “I was mentioned at the time in the Videoland documentary Crypto Fever about the various facets “The acquaintance also saw this documentary and then approached me via Instagram with the question if I wanted to do something with G-Eazy. And then the ball started rolling.”

Artistic freedom

Dzanar grew up in a creative family. His father is a painter and sculptor, and his mother was an architect. He graduated from the Graphic Design School in Zwolle and subsequently started his own agency Dzanar Productions. He has worked for big names like Akon, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Kesha and Jeremy Renner and designed covers and live visuals for them.

Dzanar: “I am now very involved in the combination of design and the possibilities in Web3. An artist is no longer dependent on a gallery to sell his work. I love to set my imagination in motion and create art that exudes style and substance. Working with OneOf and G-Eazy on ‘The Geralds’ allows me to create art that bridges a wide range of areas. This project brings artistic freedom and beauty that I find extremely important in the work I do. “


The innovation lies mainly in the way the NFTs are offered. “You can collect, resell or trade the NFTs,” Dzanar explains. “We’re creating a new revenue model and giving fans an innovative way to get involved. It’s all still a bit in its infancy. We’re kind of nerds laying the groundwork, but I’m firmly convinced that in a year or two “All the big tech companies have stepped in. In the Netherlands, things are yet to get started. Don Diablo, the DJ and producer duo Bassjackers, Sam Feldt and I can be considered the first to do this.”


Dzanar is known for its many designs for album covers, images of content on social media, music videos for artists and general videos for products or lookbooks. In addition, he can, if desired, provide complete promotional material for brands, influencers, artists, record companies and social campaigns. In the near future, his focus will also largely be on his own art. For example, Dzanar exhibits in late November / early December during the SCOPE Art Show in Miami and can also be seen at the NFT Museum in New York.


Central to Dzanar’s art are the themes of the future, love and man. “We must not forget ourselves and lose ourselves in the digital world. What information infusion will we depend on in the future? Who are we really without our ‘social plastic bubble’? I try to visualize these themes, without attaching a very heavy message to them. I want my art to make people think, but at the same time create an experience. ”

About OneOf

OneOf is an NFT platform designed to create a sustainable and fan-friendly experience. Built on the environmentally responsible Tezos blockchain, embossing an NFT on OneOf’s platform uses up to 2 million times less energy than other networks. For its artists and brand partners, embossing NFTs costs $ 0 in blockchain transaction fees. OneOf aims to bring the next 100 million non-crypto-native fans to Web3 by removing technical barriers and enabling fans to pay for their NFTs with credit / debit cards and cryptocurrencies. OneOf offers partners using their platform the opportunity to donate a portion of their NFT proceeds to charities of their choice.

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