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The world of crypto, blockchain, NFTs and metaverse is evolving rapidly. As a result, you sometimes lose track of yourself as a beginner, which is not surprising. If you want to learn more about non-fungible tokens, I have listed the best courses for you. Of course, I cover our own top masterclass, which we offer for free. The reviews are very positive, but there are several good providers. What are NFTs? Are they useful? Why take a course in it? What are the best nft courses? I answer all these questions in this article, so you read along?

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What are NFTs?

Of course, we start from the beginning: what is an NFT? My colleague Matt wrote a great article about this, so I want to pull an excerpt from it to share with you:

A non-fungible token, abbreviated to NFT, is a token that represents something unique. when something interchangeable this means that it can be easily replaced. So it is something that is not necessarily unique and identical. For example, we can give a note of 5 euros. Or a bottle of Heineken. These are not unique items: there are many of the same items.

So when something is non-fungible, it means it is just the opposite of interchangeable is. It is something that is unique and identical; there is only one of them. For example, consider a ticket to a football game. Of course, there are several football tickets for the same match, but your ticket contains code, name and seat, which makes your ticket unique. For example, you would not be able to come in with someone else’s ticket.

It is now much easier to explain what a non-fungible token is. So a non-fungible token is a token that represents something unique. Suppose you draw the same football ticket, it’s a non-fungible token. The token represents a unique asset.

If you prefer to watch it in a video, we also have something good for you:

There are different types of non-fungible tokens, such as works of art, assets in the game, tickets to concerts or other events, real estate investments, portable NFTs, etc. Because they are so infinitely versatile, they will be said to remain useful for a long time. ?

Are NFTs the future?

You want to know what the best NFT courses are, but before I tell you more about them, it’s helpful to look ahead. Do NFTs have a place in the future? Otherwise, of course, it does not pay to take a course in this. If we look at Google Trends, we see a huge increase, with a dip especially in the last few months. A little logical thinking can, of course, clearly see that this dive is caused by the current economic situation.

We are dealing with rising inflation, a major war is underway and we are still living in a pandemic. We have all gone down a bit and need some respite. According to experts, all arrows point in the direction of NFTs, and this is an important technological development that we desperately need. After all, NFTs have several advantages, such as:

  • They are unique and you can program them to whatever you want;
  • They are useful in a decentralized economy;
  • One can use them in all sorts of forms, which can also represent a certain scarcity;
  • Used to represent copyright;
  • High level of security;
  • Transparent and cannot be edited afterwards;
  • Etc.

Why take an NFT course?

You may be thinking: it has the future and there are many applications I need for that course. Still, some courses are not based on the value of the technology, but on the money you can make flipping NFTs. I would really recommend you take a course and not directly buy today and sell tomorrow, but especially in how it works and what the risks are. Let’s take a look at the best NFT courses in my opinion.

Top NFTs courses

Masterclass from AllesOverCrypto

We get started right away by drawing attention to our own masterclass. Rest assured there are still a number of very good providers and the choice is entirely yours! This in-house Masterclass is given by one of our own crypto experts.

In just under 2 hours you will learn everything you need to get flying from the start in the NFT world. The blockchain revolution has started, and we want the Netherlands and Belgium to be frontrunners, so we offer the training for free.

You learn how to make money with NFTs, without knowledge, experience or capital. You learn:

  • What is an NFT
  • Why NFTs can be very valuable

  • The best way to buy an NFT

  • What steps will get you started right away

  • Why You Are Not Too Late To Buy NFTs!

  • A simple strategy that will make you money right away

Sign up for the program here

NFT Alpha by Jia Ruan

NFT Alpha by Jia Ruan is for everyone there want to make money with NFTs† This brand new market has so much potential for both the beginner and the more experienced person in NFT / Crypto. NFT Alpha is one unique community what it’s all about make money and have fun having. This really is the only and new way to make money. NFT Alpha was created to provide for everyone correct knowledge and experience to make money on NFTs. What can I access?

You can take the course for 3, 6 or 12 months, with prices from € 247 to € 750. You get exclusive access to Discord, you receive signals, hear about the very best NFT projects, he hosts whitelists and giveaways and of course teaches you all about making money with non-fungible tokens.

Sign up for the course here


Mitchel van Duuren is a successful entrepreneur who has already started several multi-million dollar businesses. He helps you learn more about digital art and tokens with his free training. He will tell you how you can use this to your advantage in the future. He writes this on his website:

no hypestraight forward from an online entrepreneur who has set up several multimillion-dollar businesses over the last 15 years, sees what’s happening right now and has now traded for more than 800,000 euros in digital art (in 10 months).

Sign up for the course here

Learn about Digital Art (NFTS) by Moosty.nl

Maarten Oostland offers a unique course in non-fungible tokens for € 247. He has set up various modules, of which you can see the layout below:

  • basic knowledge
  • preparation
  • research
  • buying
  • to sell
  • to make
  • unique Moosty method.

In my NFT course you will learn about digital art (NFTs): from buying and selling to valuing NFTs. You will also learn what indispensable tools you need, and of course how to buy NFTs as cheaply as possible. This NFT course is very practical and affordable. you get too access till Moosty Community Discord† Here I share my buying and selling (flips) and you get to know like-minded people so we can learn from each other.

Sign up for his course here

Do you prefer to learn in a different way?

If you find such a course cumbersome (it is not) or too expensive (no, neither), you can also choose to read books, follow people or watch funny videos. I will also give you some useful tips in these areas.

Books on NFTs

My colleague Felicity wrote a great blog about the best books on NFTs. You can read the whole blog here, but I give you the top 3:

  1. NFTs for Beginners by Oliver J. Rich
  2. NFT Investing for Beginners by Kevin W. Allen
  3. The NFT Revolution of Crypto Dukedom.

Websites targeted at NFTs for beginners

My colleague Christiaan wrote a blog about websites for NFT beginners, so I will also give you a sneak peek here. Here are three sites about non-fungible tokens that you should visit from time to time:

  1. NFT Calendar keeps you updated with all the NFT collections that are launched
  2. Rarity.tools is a site where you can check if an NFT is rare, is it not practical?
  3. At PlayToEarn.Net you can see which blockchain games can make you money, including through NFTs.

In addition, the website NFT-stats.com is useful for internal statistics. On the platform you will be kept informed about the best NFT projects and the latest NFT drops. As many as 58,015 tokens have been sold in the last 24 hours, according to the website, and the trading volume was close to $ 20 million!

Whom to follow?

Who are the NFT experts you really should follow?

You can also find a lot of knowledge on LinkedIn these days. I personally like following the crypto recruiter. While you may not be looking for a job in the crypto world, they provide many helpful tips and also share knowledge and guides. Highly recommended!

Do you just want to get acquainted with all kinds of projects, meet the right people and enjoy tips and a good network? Or know how to promote your own NFT business? Then, of course, you can also follow your truth; all to help you along the way!

Interesting NFT videos

And then the last category. Below is a video with all the basics about NFTs, put together in 45 minutes:

The following video tells you all about non-fungible tokens in an easy 15 minute guide. Also how to make money with this beautiful technology!

And then, thirdly, this video by Johnny Harris, which has been viewed a full 8 million times. The title is short but sweet: ‘NFTs, explained’.

It may feel a bit like a mustard to the meal, but I would like to point out that investing is always associated with risks. Never blindly trust someone else’s opinion and do not just trust a gut feeling without having any knowledge. Do your own research, always! Are you stuck? Follow experts or ask your questions in our community, which you can find below.


The conclusion is not so complex. You now know what NFTs are and what they are for. There are several applications, most of which revolve around the technology behind the familiar art images. While the nf tokens may have become known as works of art, it really is much more. You can use them for business, you can buy them as an investment or sell them to make money.

For example, you can buy NFTs to carry something in the metaverse. There are also artists who register their rights in the form of a non-fungible token, which gives you access to, for example, a concert or an album with the backstage.

So for you who start in the NFT scene, there is plenty to learn and do, but good news: resources are plentiful!

Are you looking for more information or have questions about the best NFT courses? Or would you like to meet other crypto enthusiasts? In our product’s free Discord channels Money Mastery from AllesOverCrypto you can ask questions and meet thousands of other crypto enthusiasts. Do you have other crypto-related questions? The easiest way is to look up your question in our FAQ. Another thing you can do is google your question + All about crypto. Tell us what you think about the best NFT courses! “

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