Confrontation and proposals during the last campfire Temptation Island

Note, this article contains spoilers about Temptation Island: Love or Leave.

René and Annebel

For René and Annebel it is Temptation Island been a great adventure. They both know by their participation that they are created for each other. Playboy in René, which Annebel is so afraid of, is no more. The feeling of their relationship is so good for René that he even bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Freeing Annebel during the last campfire is Christmas on the cake for him.

Where as a viewer one often hopes that couples will put an end to their toxic relationship, one can not help but be happy for this couple. Okay, René may well express her appreciation a little more in the relationship, but otherwise this couple seems made for each other. When René sees his Annebel again, he does not know how fast he must take her in his arms. He even brought her a bunch of roses. “I’ve had a really hard time without you the last two weeks,” he starts nervously. “I know you did not trust me one hundred percent. But I really did not do anything and I only thought of you.”

After a sweet ode comes the long-awaited question: “Will you marry me?” Annebel can not believe it, but there is only one possible answer: she says yes to her great love. “I really love you so much.” It’s high time to tick off the last two things on René’s wish list: “Catching up and chatting”, he jokes.

Antonio and Cleo

If anyone has much to explain, it’s Antonio. When Cleo confides in a bachelor and declares that she wants to leave her boyfriend, Antonio seizes the opportunity to lay out the flowers the old-fashioned way: he rides on a crooked skate with hairdresser Fleur. To say that Cleo is not happy about this is an understatement. As a result, their dream is shattered because it seems impossible to continue their relationship in a healthy way.

With a big smile on his face, Antonio talks about his ‘cozy evening’ with Fleur. “I do not regret it,” he repeats. During the confrontation with Cleo, who himself has given Ramon a ‘little kiss’, that smile quickly disappears from his face. You can see from René’s sweat stains that it’s very hot in the Dominican Republic, but as soon as Antonio shows up on the spot, it gets icy cold.

“Do you feel hard now?” Cleo asks angrily as Antonio sits down. “Why are you doing this? What have I been to you? What am I doing to deserve this? I have questions for you and you want to listen to me first.” More oil will soon be thrown on the already burning campfire. Cleo says her ex came to the island with the wrong intentions and that he needs “help”. “You’re getting stuck. You’ve been fucking on TV.”

The giant sign for Antonio’s head is still not gone. “I would really like if we just became friends,” he says. Serious?! There are still a lot of gangs and quarrels, but it has long since become clear how it goes: Antonio and Cleo’s paths part here. “You’ve lost me,” Cleo concludes. “If you do not shut up now, I’ll hit you in the head.”

How are the couples now?

The last campfire for Ivo and Maris and Whitney and Iris is still a week away. The creators visited René and Annebel and Antonio and Cleo months after the shooting. Everything is still good between René and Annebel in the land of love. Together they are looking for the perfect wedding ring. “I found out three times that it was René [voor mij]† It’s going really well, “Annebel concludes. Their big dream is to get married abroad.

Once back in Holland, Antonio, in turn, has ‘great regret’ for his wild escapades. He continues to contact Cleo and even stands at the door crying once. “Cleo is still my dream woman. I will do everything I can to get her back.” She herself is not so fond of this idea. “This was so painful for me. It touched such a nerve that it really is over for me.” There is “zero percent chance that it will succeed,” Cleo said.

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