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independentWith the compulsory tenant liability insurance (fire insurance) you can also take out extra family insurance. Useful or not necessary in your case? helps you with your choice.

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Tenant liability insurance (fire insurance) is compulsory in Flanders. They will at least reimburse you for damage caused by fire, lightning and explosions on the building you live in. You are also insured against storm damage and natural disasters. Glass damage, smoke or soot damage and damage to electrical appliances are also covered in most policies, as is water damage due to broken pipes or overcrowded gutters.

What risks does the fire insurance cover? See the full overview here.

So what does family insurance do?

Unlike fire insurance, family insurance is not a legal obligation. But she is very helpful. It covers damage that you, a family member or your pet accidentally causes to a third party or to their belongings. This concerns both physical injuries and property damage.

An example? Your football-playing son kicks his ball over the hedge, directly into the neighbor’s garden shed. Two panes are shattered and a piece of glass ends up on the hand of the neighbor working in the conservatory. Both material and physical damage is not covered by your fire insurance, as it does not relate to damage to your own (rental) home. But according to the law, you are responsible for this damage and you must also compensate it. If you are not insured through a family insurance, you must therefore pay the amount for the repair of the conservatory and your neighbor’s medical expenses.

Not just for those who have children

‘You only need a family if you have children’. That is a big misunderstanding. An accident is in a small corner. You can also accidentally cause injury when visiting someone. If you overturn a vase on the table e.g. Or if your dog starts nibbling on a friend’s curtains too enthusiastically when you go out and drink coffee. In those cases, it is reassuring to be insured.

What damage does family insurance not cover?

The family only covers damage to third parties, and therefore not to your own or your family members’ belongings. If your daughter physically injures your son while he is playing, it is not covered. The family insurance also does not intervene if there is an intentional injury to a third party.

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