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R. Kelly goes to jail for 30 years. Already in September 2021, the singer was found guilty of luring women and girls and then sexually abusing and allowing them to be abused.

That was what the New York case was about

  • Six women accuse the singer of sexual abuse and of forcing other sexual acts.
  • In recently submitted statements, the stories of another twenty anonymous women and two anonymous men are quoted.
  • The alleged victims often say they were minors at the time Kelly forced them to have sex.
  • The story of Aaliyah, with whom the singer had an affair, is also quoted here: Kelly is said to have had a fake passport made for the then fifteen-year-old singer to be able to marry her.
  • A total of 22 parts are included in this case. These include allegations of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and child pornography. Kelly would also have kidnapped the women and forced them into (sexual) work.
  • In September 2021, Kelly was found guilty of luring women and girls and then sexually assaulting and allowing them to be abused.

R. Kelly has been imprisoned for almost three years now. The singer, known for hits like I believe I can fly and Bump n ‘Grind, was found guilty of sex trafficking and possession and production of child pornography. The accusations are not new: For years, there have been stories about the singer’s sexual preferences and the abuse that would accompany it. Through the documentary Survivor R. Kellywhich aired in January 2019, these stories reappear.

In 2000, the first official indictment came when singer Tiffany ‘Tia’ Hawkins sued the singer. She says she had a sexual relationship with the singer as a fifteen-year-old and demands 10 million dollars (almost 8.5 million euros). Still, it doesn’t come down to a lawsuit: Kelly’s lawyer enters into a $ 250,000 settlement on behalf of the singer.

The accusations keep coming from then on. Most of these are women who say they met Kelly at a younger age. Singer Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in 2001, is also called a victim of the singer. The relationship between the two is said to have started when Aaliyah was only fifteen years old. Kelly is said to have forced her into various sexual acts. In 2002, he was accused of making child pornography. That case dragged on until it was concluded six years later that it could not be determined whether the person in the video was actually a minor.

In 2017, the ball starts rolling again as a website BuzzFeed writes that Kelly is holding six women back against their will. The singer is said to have taken control of their lives. The artist should not allow them to have contact with the outside world.

A former friend of the singer tells in a 2018 BBC documentary that he had to look for young-looking women for Kelly at parties. The singer denies that he is attracted to young women, but slowly things seem to be changing. More and more artists, such as John Legend, Lady Gaga and Céline Dion, disapprove of the singer, and more documentaries are being made.

Kelly stays after being charged with ten counts of sexual abuse arrested but released on bail. The singer gives a tearful interview to the TV channel CBS, where he denies all charges. “How stupid would that be? To be stupid enough to shut them inside my basement and not feed them? All those rumors, they’re all untrue. I did not do this, I’m fighting for my life right now.”

If Kelly is to appear again, his lawyer says he does not know where the singer is. As a result, the judge does not allow Kelly to await the trials in freedom. The New York case, which opened in late August 2020, is the first. In Chicago, the singer is waiting for a new approach after this case.

On September 27, 2021, it is clear that the singer has been found guilty of human trafficking. More than a year later, in June 2022, the public prosecutor announced the verdict: the singer was to be imprisoned for 25 years. Kelly is already planning to appeal the ruling, but is awaiting the judge’s final verdict. Even if Kelly decides not to appeal, he will not be ready in court: on August 1, he shows up in Chicago, where he is suspected of possessing and dealing in child pornography.

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