Salad treatment solution provides three optimal weight combinations

Primaflor, one of the largest Spanish vegetable growers, has invested in Ishida weighing technology for fast and accurate processing of mixed salad bags.

The latest model at the company’s processing plant in Las Canalejas, near Amería in Andalusia, is a 14-head 5 liter CCW-RV Ishida Sector Solutions series waterproof salad scales. The new multihead weighing machine will be installed at Primoflor and already 12 are in use at the factory in Las Canalejas and another three at a factory in León in northern Spain.

The scales are specially designed for processing salad products, such as babyleaf, which are easily attached and therefore more difficult to weigh efficiently. A steep angle for free fall ensures an even distribution of the product on the weight, while both the amplitude and the frequency of the vibrating system can be adjusted to give a constant flow of product to the funnels. The structured surfaces prevent products from sticking together, and the double opening of the funnel inlet ensures a clean transfer from the basin to the weighing hopper.

Equally important is that the RV series weights offer an unsurpassed level of accuracy, thanks to their unique software, they are able to calculate three optimal weight combinations, check them and then select the combination that is closest to the target weight. All this in one cycle. This increases efficiency and achieves more accurate and consistent weighing results.

Primaflor produces no less than 2,000 different lines, both for own brands and private labels. It is therefore important that the specifications of the Ishida scales at the factory in Las Canalejas are the same, so that the company has more flexibility to respond to changing customer requirements. The easy adjustment of the weights is also crucial as it allows for quick switching between products. This was one of the main reasons why the company ultimately chose Ishida.

“When we first tested the multihead weighing technology for our salad products, we used a third-party weigher. However, this machine was difficult to operate and often required expert help to get the most out of all its functionality,” explains Manuel Santa Cecilia from Primaflor.

“Ishida scales, on the other hand, are easy to set up and the touch screen is extremely user-friendly. This is especially important because our operators come from different countries. The multilingual touch screen prevents language barriers.”

The scales pack a range of bag sizes ranging from 50 g to 2 kg for both the food service and retail sectors. Manuel Santa Cecilia explains that the accuracy is excellent and the throughput varies from 30 to 75 packs per minute, depending on the size of the pack and the throughput of the product in weight.

The machines are in use from Monday to Saturday. The hygienic design and durable construction means that the machines can be easily and quickly cleaned with compressed air between product changes, while at the same time they get a thorough cleaning at the end of each day. The containers are easy to remove without tools and can be placed in a special ‘wash wall’ for cleaning.

Ishida’s weighing solutions were provided by its Spanish representative, CIMA.

“The reliability of the machines is crucial for an efficient production process, and we can count on excellent technical support from CIMA when needed,” concludes Manuel Santa Cecilia.

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