Lamborghini’s fourth model will be a 2-door GT crossover

With Huracan, Aventador and Urus in the program, Lamborghini has three product lines. A fourth is on the way, although it will at least go until 2027 before we get to see that model. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann now tells Autovisie a little more about what to expect.

It is known that the fourth product line will be a fully electrically powered model. It will be Lamborghini’s first electric car. It will be released before the sequel to Urus, which will also be placed on an electro platform. It is not yet known which platform the two types will use, says Winkelmann. The parent company Volkswagen Group is developing a completely new architecture. It is clear that the Italians are piggybacking on the development elsewhere in the group. Winkelmann does not specify whether the fourth product line and the Urus successor will share the bottom section, but that is more than logical.

Lamborghini Aventador Urus Monaco

Long nose, high ground clearance, low roofline

The fourth model line will be a GT, but one of a new concept. We know Winkelmann is a fan of the GT, albeit as a crossover. He sees great potential in this new vehicle concept for the Lamborghini. In his mind, GT has been around for years. He draws it with a long nose, greater ground clearance and a higher roofline, albeit lower than an SUV. He hesitated for a long time between two and four doors, but the choice has now been made. It will be a two-door GT. “A two-door GT fits perfectly into Lamborghini’s program, because Ferruccio Lamborghini started with GT cars in the 1960s. I think this is the right model. A GT with two doors and 2 + 2 seating arrangements ”.

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The concept of Bugatti

Stephan Winkelmann had already proposed such a model to Bugatti when he was still CEO there. He has even had some studio models built, also with fully electric powertrains. Back then, it was around 2019, Winkelmann was still hesitating between a two- and a four-door body. Oh yes, electric was not obvious. Various drivelines have been looked at, with an option that is purely electric. It is not known what Bugatti will do with it now. New owner Rimac-Bugatti is the first to bring a sports coupe in line with the Chiron. The chances are slim that the design drawings are now on the desk of Lamborghini’s design manager Mitja Borkert in Sant’Agata Bolognese. Not only does the fourth product line have to have the Italian DNA, the technical side of the GT crossover differs, which means adjustments to the overall design. However, the concept remains the same.

Definitely no more sports sedan

Winkelmann once commissioned the construction of the Estoque studio model, a rugged-looking four-door sports sedan. He himself was not behind the concept, as you can hear in the exclusive episode of Sjoerds Weetjes about Urus’ arrival. Winkelmann says such a model is certainly not a good option today. “Estoque is a limousine. It was good at the time (2008) as an alternative to Urus, but we realized over time that the segment was shrinking. In addition, proportions of a car are important and a limousine must be brought in short and “With a short wheelbase, such a model looks good, but with an extended wheelbase … And the Americans want an extra long wheelbase, just like in Asia. We rejected the idea of ​​a sports sedan.”

Stephan Winkelmann

From a to B

He continues: “I am convinced that the 2 + 2 GT is the perfect fit. It is also a good concept for our first electric car. The body shape is not a super sports car, where you only go from A to A, so you like to drive. It is more suitable for people who use the car as a daily driver, or who want more comfort, or who drive more often with passengers. A car that takes you from A to B. Our customers have a variety of cars in the garage. GT can then be used daily as a Lamborghini. ” Winkelmann also points out that the GT 2 + 2 as an electric car is also accepted earlier than, for example, a supercar.

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