Attention love birds! These are tips to keep your relationship exciting and fun

whose turtle doves in a relationship you do not want the fun to disappear after a while. That you just look at each other a bit and there is no longer a topic for discussion. Akward† Or that you have almost no sex with each other because sparks no longer fly. Yikes. People are often afraid of such scenes, but these tips will keep your relationship fun and exciting. So read fast …

Tips to keep your relationship fun and exciting

Relationships change, it makes sense. Just look at yourself. You have also changed within the last five years. It would be naive to think that it does not happen in a relationship. You can decide for yourself how your relationship changes and whether it is positive or negative. Makes sense right

In the first period of your relationship, it is often already determined how you stand for the rest of the years. It is therefore important that you are clear about what your standards and values ​​are and that you do not let them go over you. Suppose you have a hard work week and the other person who is less busy wants to see you. Do you then choose your sleep, then for yourself, or do you choose to go on your toes and put the other over your own interests. This is of course independent of whether it is cozy or not. Say no from now on.

Of course, you can compromise, but going over your limit is another matter. If you do this for a while, you will eventually be unable to hold it up. Then a drop comes and makes the bucket run over. The bomb explodes. There will be a fight or you just decide not to do it anymore. The other will not understand this because you have never said anything about it. The bottom line is that you need to think about one healthy relationship. If you discuss this and work on it together, the relationship lasts. Of course also if you keep the excitement in it. Hence this list.

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Do not take your relationship for granted

is soulmate Finding does not just happen and certainly did not come out of the blue. A relationship is hard work. So do not take it for granted.

Always respect and appreciate your relationship. Also talk this to each other. Always remember that you are in a relationship with two people and not alone. Do you take it for granted? Then it is no longer a relationship as it should be.

Remembered together

“Remember when …” When did the spark fly? Where was it? How did the first date go? That kind of memory makes you who you are today, so how nice it is to talk about it.

Try to put your irritations aside

Grr. Has he / she not cleaned his / her plate again? We can already feel the irritation bubble up in you, but try to push it away. Of course you can pronounce it to him / her, but do this sweetly and especially not in a pedantic way. Your partner is not stupid, so give leaves nor that feeling. It could be that the person was busy with something else and therefore forgot about it.


“You look great today.” You can make the day your own leaves make it a lot more fun. You probably get one back this way too. Then put it in your pocket. Complimenting each other gives a lot of positive energy.

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Do not rush with sex

Sex is very important in a relationship. So do not rush. Of course, there can be quick trips from time to time. You can also make it exciting and a little risky. Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone? Maybe you can make it public someday. For example in a forest or on a toilet.

Do you notice that sex becomes more boring or less after a few months? Then find out what’s going on. Maybe you both do not take the initiative anymore, or you do not feel like it. Talk about it with each other. There are always opportunities to spice up your sex life. For example, use a toy once, interesting for both, or try a role-playing game. Take your time with it. Pay a little more attention to foreplay. Can also help a lot!


You can experiment with dates. By baking pots instead of going to the cinema, but it can also be done in bed. As mentioned above, you can also use a toy or try a role-playing game. You can also use eg fruit, chocolate and whipped cream. Make your body one delicacy† is leaves can start in your neck and can lower itself a little at a time.

Have you ever looked at yourself during sex? Do you feel comfortable enough for that? Then you can always do it in front of a mirror. Use all the space you have. Sex is even possible on the stairs. You do not have to stay in bed all the time. Do you want to spice it up a bitspice† Then use handcuffs. ulala! This way, you also learn to lose or take more control. Doesn’t sound good?

A breakfast in bed

This is to wake up at its best. Treat yourself leaves with your favorite breakfast. It does not have to be too difficult. A fried egg is also nice. Do you want to unpack? Make for example French toast Orange juice† Place this on a tray and sprinkle some rose petals over it. Then the romance explodes. wild mring sex insured.

To cook

Today no quick bite from the microwave or ordering. Tonight you’ve cooking for yourself leaves† A tasty pasta, tapas or a tasty Dutch stew. Cover the table nicely and pour a glass of wine. This way you can have a romantic dinner and the other person can see that you are doing your best.

Talk about the future

Romanticizing your future together is not an illusion, but your relationship can become huge boost to give. It can be a beginner to deep conversations or give you new insights. You also find out what the other person thinks is important. We do not think it matters.


Break the routine every now and then. Lying in bed every day with a bag of chips and watching Netflix is ​​boring. It’s too one-sided. Surprise each other or plan something together. Make it a date night. For example, go to the cinema or have a bite to eat. Mums

Do new things

What have you never done together? For example, consider a day in the sauna. Enjoy together and finish with a romantic dinner. There are dozens of things you have not done yet. Doing new things can provide new insights, and so you grow closer to each other.

Take care of yourself

By this we do not mean that you should make yourself better for your lover. So it is not necessary to go to bed with a wealth of makeup on the face, but to take a shower and spray some fresh air on is enough. Especially if you have been sitting on the couch with a bun on your head the days before. Then the other will probably immediately notice that you smell very nice. This will also attract him to you again. Avoid the house suit culture.

sexy lingerie

Surprise him / her with a new set of lingerie. If you open the door in it, you will leaves just have to be swallowed and you are guaranteed a cozy evening. It also reminds him / her of what a beautiful woman you are that he / she should be aware of. This of course gives you an extra self boost

Want to add something extra to this? Then decorate the house with, for example, candles and a path with rose petals to the bed. The bed is of course also nicely made, there is atmospheric music on and the best thing is to make a heart on the bed. Let’s make love!


Now and then it’s nice to give each other a gift. Just to show that you appreciate the other. A gift does not have to cost a hundred euros. A self-written card or a perfume may be enough. It’s about the gesture, not the price.


Give each other lots of kisses. Whether they are on the mouth, on the cheek or on the forehead and a kiss can sometimes say more than words. Also, never forget to kiss each other before you go.

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take care of your manners

Farting each other in the face, trying to burp as hard as you can and leaving your dirty underbooks lying is not a turn on, do not try to do this. It is not attractive. Glad you’re fine with each other, but it’s your boyfriend not your girlfriend.

Give each other space

Giving each other space in your relationship is healthy, but too much is unhealthy. Then dose it. It’s healthy if you leaves sometimes have a night on the town with friends. It makes sense that you two love to be together, but you should not forget the other people outside of your relationship.

Maybe you can cough up some money to go on a weekend with friends, then you can miss each other for a few days. Then you look forward even more to seeing each other again.

From now on, your relationship will be successful again. Thanks later

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