Mega Tjaffer, “functional with its own face”

Autovisie is always looking for used cars for the enthusiast, which is why you go through the lists on the sales page This time we found a Mega Tjaffer.

The Tjafferen was introduced in 1992 and immediately stood out as a special performance. In 1994, the editorial staff left with the special Frenchman, who is dependent on the technology of the Citroën AX.

Test with Mega Tjaffer

“The idea for Mega Tjaffer originated in 1992 in Aix-les-Bains, France. Less than a year later, in late 1993, the car premiered and more than a thousand Mega has been sold in France. In the beginning of this year the car came to Holland after the homologation was done in two and a half months.Although the Mega Tjaffer is brand new, it still revives past times.Everyone still remembers the Citroën Méhari, Renault Rodeo and perhaps less obviously the African, a wooden car.All four-wheelers , where luxury and comfort were subordinate to driving pleasure, efficiency, functionality and a unique look. ”

Simple technique

“During the period when we were on the move with Tjafferen, we were only once asked if Mega was a fast car. The other times the distinctive design was discussed, it was about its disarming appearance and the many uses. Technology has always played a minor role. And that approach suits the Tjafferen well. It is equipped with simple but completely reliable PSA technology. The group supplies the same technology with the Citroën AX and Peugeot 106. In France, Tjaffer is available as 1.1, 1.4 and 1.4 Diesel. Only Diesel and the version with the least powerful power source are included in the Dutch model program. “

Mega Tjaffer, apartment
Found the used car on (Image: AutoWorld)

“The four-cylinder eight-valve on the Mega Tjaffer has a displacement of 1124 cm3 and a maximum power of 60 hp at 6200 crankshaft revolutions. The maximum torque is set to 87.5 Nm at a speed of 3800 rpm. “

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“The engine, which is made entirely of light metal, has few shocking things on board. Functionality, that’s what this transverse front – mounted power source is all about. No sixteen valves, no turbo or other stimuli. Only reliable and relatively simple but pure technology. “

Mega Tjaffer has technology from Citroën AX

Mega has developed its own galvanized chassis for Tjafferen, to which parts of AX are attached. For example, the front and rear suspension as well as track gauge and wheelbase correspond to Citroën’s smallest. ”

Mega Tjaffer, apartment
Mega Tjaffer apartment. (Image: AutoWorld)

“The Tjaffer is two centimeters shorter, 10 centimeters higher and seven centimeters wider than AX. In addition, some adjustments have been made to compensate for the Tjaffer’s higher weight compared to the AX. For example, the forces are lacking, the Charger controls quite heavily at very low speeds. It’s not so bad that we recommend a subscription to the gym, but with a hot summer like this, a parking maneuver creates some extra sweat. ”

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“The strength of the Tjaffer is without a doubt its multifunctionality. The possibilities for Mega are huge. The chauffeur can instantly be transformed from a closed four-seater car into a convertible. Remarkably, only the rear roof section is still in place, the wind has almost no effect on the front passengers. “

Mega Tjafferen as an apartment

Autovisie finds such a special Mega Tjaffer as an opportunity. The car is from 1995 and has 48,000 kilometers of experience.

Mega Tjaffer, apartment
(Image: AutoWorld)

The convertible is very basic, but does not look bad in relation to its age. The seller is asking for 8,750 euros for the apartment.

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