NFT startup Kryptomon raises € 9.3 million

1. NFT startup Kryptomon raises DKK 9.3 million

The gaming company Kryptomon has raised 9.3 million euros from, among others, NFX and angels, including the former Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit. ‘We’ve made an online game where people can play a kind of modern version of Pokémon and Tamagotchi,’ explains Italian Umberto Canessa Cerchi, who lives in Amsterdam, to Quote. ‘To play the game you buy a puppet like NFT. Once in the game, you can make the character stronger with purchases. ‘

The start-up of the Italian and hairdresser Maurice de Vries started with an investment of 250 euros, but has already raised 1.2 million euros with NFT drops. The company now claims to be worth $ 50 million.

2. Truck filler Quicargo gets a new investor on board

The regional investor ROM InWest comes on board with the logistics platform Quicargo. As the leading investor, ROM InWest is responsible for 1.15 million euros in a round of 2.7 million euros. The remaining amount comes from existing investors. The start-up of Avishai Trabelsi, Roni Liberman and Sam Houwen previously raised 5.8 million euros from the market, which means that the counter now stands at 8.5 million euros.

The 2020 MT / Sprout Challenger makes it possible to book cargo spaces in trucks via a platform, so that trucks drive around empty less often. The fresh capital will be used for new projects and development of new software.

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3. The Winklevoss brothers cut into Gemini’s workforce

Crypto-platform Gemini by the American twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss turns about 10 percent of its employees the door. The move is attributed to ‘turbulent market conditions that are likely to continue for the foreseeable future’. In a somewhat sinister letter to their astronauts (as they call their employees), the duo say they still believe in the crypto-revolution. At the end of 2021, Gemini raised $ 400 million against a valuation of $ 7.1 billion.

A slightly different tone is assumed by the CEO of the social media company IRL. He pats himself on the shoulder for the ‘brave’ decision to fire 25 of the 100 employees.

Amazon for litigation over the cost of working from home

Amazon will most likely meet its employees in court. They believe the tech giant should reimburse the cost of homework. Amazon had requested that a lawsuit be dropped, but it was denied by the judge. Jeff Bezos’ company claims it is not responsible because the costs incurred by employees are due to government policy. The judge considers that Amazon is not exempt from this claim because the employee bringing the action has incurred its costs as a result of obedience to its employer Amazon.

5. The Cabinet should not have approved Sandd takeover

The government should not have given PostNL permission in 2019 to take over the competitor Sandd. It was the Business Complaints Board’s decision in the appeal. This confirmed a decision of a lower court.

Mona Keijzer gave permission for the merger under the then conditions, but according to the judge, she has not sufficiently substantiated her argument. Furthermore, the court finds that Keijzer should have complied with the (negative) opinion of the Dutch consumer and market authority. It is unclear whether this has consequences for PostNL. The merger has been a fact for a year and a half, and PostNL stated that it cannot be undone.

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6. And so this: Ongoing returns: sneakers can make world profits

Forget stocks, bonds, crypto and art. You can book really great returns with sneakers. De Telegraaf reports on a study conducted by DealA, which shows that returns can be as high as 149,000 percent. By 2025, $ 6 billion can be traded in (used) sneakers. A pair of Jordan 1 OG Bred from 1985 were sold for $ 65 at the time, but are now selling for $ 95,000. Although we come across this for a modest 160,000 euros.

A warning from DealA: As with other investments, the value can fall like a soufflé. And hey, just like with art you have something to look at, with sneakers you always have something to wear.

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