These are the common mistakes almost every woman makes in a relationship

It works girl† You managed to catch the handsome guy. But now you official to be the right work begins. A relationship is hard work and you have to keep doing your best. Yet many women make mistakes in their relationships without being aware of it. In this article, we will tell you what these errors are and what you can do about them.

Common mistakes women make in a relationship

It is clear to everyone that one should not cheat with the navy. However? But these common mistakes that we as women make in a relationship sometimes come just as insidious.


You finally managed to win him over, so stop looking for confirmation from other men! It may be harmless to you, but for your friend, it is very confrontational and can hurt his confidence. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship, so be careful about it. Of course, one can be charming and flirt a little, it is also part of social contacts. But always be honest about this!

Incorrect communication

It is well known that women are more emotional than men. Improper communication is therefore a major culprit for relationships. It is important that you invest time in talking about each other’s feelings and thoughts. That way you will understand each other better. We understand that some men are a closed book and do not like to talk about their feelings. Then show that you understand it and give him space. Communication is key

to be too sticky

Red flag! Not only for him but also for you. Being too loving will make him want more distance. And of course you do not want that. It is important that you give him space to make and make his own choices. It is also very important for yourself. Continue to take care of each other, but give each other space.

goes too fast

Everything ‘also’ stands for is not good except satisfied. Going too fast is a common reason why it ultimately does not work. If you want too much in a lean relationship, you get into a rut faster. It can also make him feel like he’s busy and you will not wait for him. Taking it easy is also much more attractive in the eyes of men than someone who immediately thinks everything is fine. Build it up a little. You have all the time in the world.

Not involved in his family

You are, of course, very important to him, but so is his family. Located here is roots and then it’s also a big part of who he is. So not being involved in his family can also make him feel a distance between you. And we are not talking about the obligatory dinners, but just outside. Go shopping with his mother, take his father somewhere or spontaneously stop by for a cup of coffee. Bet he only wants you more?

Doubt yourself

Never doubt yourself† Some women begin to doubt themselves a lot as soon as they enter a relationship. Am I cute enough for him? Am I beautiful enough? Does he still love me? These doubts are unnecessary and do nothing good for you, your boyfriend and your relationship. Trust that he has made you his girlfriend for a reason. If he really does not like it anymore, you can feel it.

To change yourself for the other

When things are not going well between you, it is tempting to change everything about yourself. You do not want him to leave you, so you do everything you can to prevent it. We strongly advise against this, as you never last long. You are only who you are and a good friend will accept and understand this. Of course, one can make agreements to improve some things. But it should not be the case that you do not know who you are when things go wrong.

Do not pay attention to your friends

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Friends are very important in a healthy relationship. They give you advice if you are not sure, but they are also good for your own social life. If you do everything with your boyfriend, you no longer have anything to say to each other, and you will end up in a rut more quickly. Of course, it’s also so sweet not to forget them. They are always there for you too, so be there enough for them too.

Will always be right

In every relationship, there are occasional fights. And that’s okay! As long as it remains a sensible way of speaking. So do not always try to be right and keep listening to each other. An argument or discussion should not be about being right, but about having a difference of opinion. So you do not always have to be right. More importantly, you come out together. Or not, then you just have a difference of opinion and then you leave it at that. No one always agrees 100% with another. And sometimes you just have to accept it in a relationship.

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