Her autistic son could not go to school, so Tamara took matters into her own hands

With an IQ of 135, Djamilo (17) is a true prodigy. But the prodigy of Amsterdam film director Tamara Miranda (53) could not go to any school. She took matters into her own hands and founded the Brilliant Future Kids Foundation. On her only day off this week, she tells NH Nieuws what the foundation means to her, her son and dozens of other children. Next Wednesday, Tamara will be a guest in the new episode of NH Warriors.

NH News / Melle Bos

“It really is a matter of life or death. A place where children like my Djamilo can develop is an absolute necessity. I hear it often enough from other children with us, ‘before I came here, I would die.’ That you can make a difference is what makes the work so amazing. “

“At our fund there is a loose structure, they come in and can go whenever they want. When they come to us, we ask: do you have a plan or do you want a plan? If they already have a plan, they can if they do not have a plan, we offer them everything: making games, 3D designing, painting, writing.We work with creative trainers and basic coaches.The basic coach knows everything about autism and how to deal with it.other train creativity. “

Your own way

“The search for the right schooling for Djamilo was an absolute hell. Every single school we tried just did not suit him. He often started enthusiastically and he did his best, but all the new incentives quickly became too much. The problem is that his whole head is already full, nothing fits in with the outside world anymore. He can learn well, but in his own way. My son can write seven code languages, can compose and make special effects. That he does not know how to play well does not mean anything to me . “

“You see your child getting worse every day. He no longer had any friends and lost all his creativity. He literally got a burnout at the age of eight. As a parent, it’s the worst thing to experience.”

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Tamara during the filming of NH Fighters – NH Nieuws / Melle Bos

“Out of sheer desperation, I even started a fund to offer my child and others the right guidance. Everyone said to me, ‘it can’t be done at all.’ But I went to do it anyway and went to the municipality, but I was sent there. Later I got in touch with Laurens Hoekstra, who already had experience in setting up funds. With his experience and me as an experience expert, the ball started to roll. “

“It’s such a weird reason to gather all those kids in a class and then expect it to go smoothly”


“Our target group is very specific: Gifted children with autism and creative interests. It really has to be so specific, otherwise it does not work. This is where it often goes wrong in special education. The biggest mistake is that they include all children. all diagnoses. It’s such a weird reason to gather all those kids in a class and expect it to run smoothly. “


“When Djamilo was born, I immediately had the feeling that I had a prodigy. From the age of 2.5, he was already speaking in full sentences. He made the most amazing observations about the moon and the world around him.”

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Tamara during the filming of NH Fighters – NH Nieuws / Melle Bos

“At the age of 3, he was tested and it turned out that he had an IQ of 135. Gifted. So it turned out to be a real prodigy. When Djamilo is 5 years old, he is diagnosed with MCDD, a multi-complex developmental disorder. , a form of autism that accompanies .with extreme fear and difficulty regulating emotions.But I did not immediately see it as a problem, I thought it was an enrichment of our lives.Because his imagination and stories were so crazy.Everything was “so poetic with him, he made up new words. I sat and listened and watched him all day, and I loved that. It suited me perfectly, because I’m also a storyteller.”

“At our fund, the children discover what they want and what they can. For example, Djamilo has found out that he also wants to enter the world of film, so we have to help him with that. That way we use their potential and they regain their confidence. back. Then there is again room in their heads to think about other things. “

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