Establishment of zoning plan Valkenhorst brings new village closer

Katwijk City Council approved the zoning plan for Valkenhorst last Thursday, June 30th. This is a new village on the site of the former Marine Vliegkamp Valkenburg, for which KCAP has previously developed an integrated Framework Plan and prepared the Quality Book in collaboration with Felixx.

The transformation of the former military airport is a particularly extensive housing project with approximately 5,600 homes for approximately 13,000 residents. In addition to the integrated Framework Plan and the Quality Book, KCAP is also responsible for the urban design, commissioned by the developer BPD, of the first sub-area of ​​Valkenhorst, Limesbuurt.

Cohesion and variation
The ambition is to develop a future-oriented, self-sufficient core, with the social cohesion of a village community, KCAP explains. The community must consist of different target groups of residents; the different types of housing largely include affordable owner-occupied housing and social rental housing.

This variation can be seen at the neighborhood level, where each neighborhood has its own spatial appearance. In addition, Valkenhorst will be energy neutral and nature-inclusive. The design team focuses on mobility solutions as a high-quality public sector with two express bus stops (HOV), a network of high-quality cycle routes and shared mobility

History and landscape
Valkenhorst is located in a special and strategic place: The planned area is located in the dynamics of the western Randstad and at the same time in the immediate vicinity of the dunes, the beach and the sea. The preservation of the green agricultural zone between Katwijk and Wassenaar should strengthen the embedding of the landscape and the ecology.

In the Framework Plan, KCAP combines different cultural-historical layers and landscape qualities to give the new core its own identity. The original delta landscape, the coastal formation, the limestone (Roman border) in the area, the sand extraction and Marine Vliegkamp Valkenburg have all left their mark; the architectural firm builds on this with a landscape of streams, alleys and avenues.

This new landscape bears traces of the past, but the spatial interventions simultaneously create an intricate and ecological network. This makes the planned area accessible and invites to recreation.

coordinate system
The former orbits form a coordinate system that connects the new core with the surrounding landscape, says KCAP. The new village center will be built at the intersection of both lanes with shops and local amenities.

Characteristic sites and distinctive buildings such as the control tower, farms, aircraft hangars and the church tower in Katwijk serve as landmarks on the visual axes. The original river structure of the delta landscape forms the basis for a resistant water system.

Frames with flexibility
The architectural firm realizes that the usual ecological way in which villages grow is difficult to copy in a development of one to two decades. By defining and registering ‘village qualities’ in the framework plan, the office wanted to provide direction for the development of the neighborhoods.

Variation in the grain size of the development pots and space for do-it-yourself construction will strengthen Valkenhorst’s own character. The quality book offers principles and rules to guarantee the qualities of the village. KCAP and Felixx did not want to establish a binding plan, but a framework of key structures, in order to maintain sufficient flexibility and to be able to respond to changing developments over time.

The framework plan for Valkenhorst outlines the main points for the various phases; The quality book describes the intended quality for the public space, the sub-plan buildings and the buildings. Both documents together form the basis for the approved zoning plan, KCAP explains.

Limesbuurt is the first sub-area to be developed within Valkenhorst, following an urban design by KCAP. The neighborhood will have one of the two planned HOV stops and a bicycle bridge over the provincial road. 675 homes are planned in Limesbuurt.

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